Yes, It's Possible For Raincoats to Be Both Practical and Cute

Yes, It's Possible For Raincoats to Be Both Practical and Cute

October 26, 2020


Don't quote us when we're shivering mid-winter, but around this time of year, right when things are getting chilly, we have to admit it’s kind of fun to invest in new outerwear. Fall is for dressing, and while our cutest outfits might not be so visible on cold, rainy days, terrible weather is the perfect excuse to let our jacket be the statement.

To prep for dreary, soggy times, you might want to update your raincoat (or purchase one to begin with) with some of the top options available. From the traditional trench coat, to innovative options, to unexpected textures and more, we've research and found 12 of the best raincoats for women that are worth investing in, all at different price points.

ASOS Design Vinyl Trench Coat

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We've seemingly time traveled back to the '90s when it comes to fashion, and this vinyl coat is one way to stay on top of the trend while keeping warm and dry. It’s also a great choice for when you want to move out of the classic raincoat style and maintain a somewhat low-key look.

Shop It: $111;

ModCloth Drops of Sunshine Raincoat

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When in doubt, go timeless and reach for this twist on the iconic yellow raincoat. This bright hue is a surprisingly versatile color, and works well with most other colors and patterns.

Shop It: $89;

Canada Goose Seaboard Rain Jacket

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Canada Goose’s lightweight coat is made out of three-layer, Tri-Durance fabric, which is ideal for downpours and harsh winds. It's a smart choice for those days when it's just as chilly as it is wet, and you're worried your umbrella will turn inside out.

Shop It: $750;

Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat

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Stutterheim is a Swedish rainwear brand that prides itself on creating durable, fishermen-inspired coats. It’s safe to say that this handmade option will be able to withstand rainy conditions without sacrificing style. Bonus: because it's a simple design without any frills, you won’t have to worry about it going out of fashion.

Shop It: $295;

Levi’s Translucent Rain Jacket

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A big bummer on rainy days? Being unable to properly show off your cute outfit. Enter this semi-translucent style, which combines both practicality and style.

Shop It: $78 (Orginally $98);

Save the Duck Fury Faux Fur Water Resistant Puffer Jacket

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Some of the best raincoats aren't raincoats at all — they're coats that are simply water-resistant, like this black puffer. Throw it on in the morning, and should you get caught in a storm mid-afternoon, you're already prepared (without even checking the weather).


Athleta Edgewater RainOut Parka

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We love a khaki green option for its simplicity and classic silhouette. On the days you want to dress casual in jeans, a sweater, and a pair of sneakers, this is the jacket you won't have to think twice about throwing on to complete your look.

Shop It: $179;

Rains Waterproof Hooded Long Rain Jacket

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If you're looking for something that feels similar to your favorite leather coat but won't be ruined by water, this rubberized hooded rain slicker might be your best bet. The shininess gives it a high-fashion feel, but at the same time it's durable, lightweight, and easy enough to throw in your bag as a precaution.

Shop It: $125;

Topo Designs® 3L W Tech Trench Raincoat

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Leave it to Madewell to combine a vintage aesthetic with an innovative detail — this coat has a three-layer, waterproof nylon fabric with breathable mesh for durability and comfort. The red drawstrings for the hood, as well as other red details along the zippers and sleeves, make this coat eye-catching and fun, even when the goal is practicality.

Shop It: $249;

Zara Hooded Raincoat

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This hooded raincoat from Zara feels modern and sleek yet sporty at the same time. The drawstring means the hood will stay on tight when you need it too, while the neutral grey color and minimalist design means you won't have to fret about it blending in with the rest of your closet.

Shop It: $70;

Everlane The ReNew Anorak

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An anorak is another style to embrace when you’re tired of a traditional trench or fisherman coat. The style is slightly preppy but nevertheless casual, and we're fans of this one from Everlane, which is made from recycled fabric and is oversized enough shrug on over a chunky sweater.

Shop It; $88;

London Fog Double Breasted Trench Coat With Removable Hood

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We embrace experimenting with styles and textures, but it’s always a good idea to have the essentials in your closet. As seen in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a classic trench in beige will go with anything and everything — and you will undeniably look elevated and on-trend, no matter the season.

Shop It: $125 (Originally $168);

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