Women make thousands by ‘financially dominating’ wealthy men who send them cash to pay rent and buy designer shoes

Women make thousands by ‘financially dominating’ wealthy men who send them cash to pay rent and buy designer shoes

January 14, 2019

The 20-year-olds have a rather unique way of boosting their student loans, by working as "findoms" (aka financial dominatrixes) on the side.

The pair, who are both living together and studying at the same university in the north of England, are part of a community receiving money from strangers (aka "subs") who want to be controlled.

Charlie and Brooke are unlikely to ever meet their "submissives" as there is never any personal contact or sexual relationship.

The basis of the agreement is little more than emails and messages in return for cash.

The women have been working as findoms for around a year and receive anything from £20 for breakfast to hundreds for designer shoes.

“I stumbled upon findoms on Twitter and I was curious so I explored it and thought it was something I should get into because it offered the same satisfaction as being a conventional dominatrix but without having to physically meet as often as if you were doing it in person. You need less equipment too," explained Charlie.

As the business grew, Charlie and Brooke began receiving more extravagant gifts, with men offering to pay bills or handing over control of their monthly salary altogether.

And while the women originally took payment via PayPal, they now use Circle Pay for cash and Delivery Code for gifts.

"They don’t like you using their service for that kind of transaction,” explains Charlie.

“We try and invest a lot of what we’re given because we plan to buy a house, that’s our aim.

"It’s good to have nice things, and expensive things, but we make sure we save for the future too.

“Although we are in charge, we make sure we don’t go beyond their limits emotionally or financially.

"So we’ll look at their file and think ‘we can’t ask them to do that’ or ‘they don’t like that’ and if we know they don’t have much money one month we won’t ask them to pay more.

"We respect their situation and their boundaries.”

The pair say they've made thousands in their first year alone and have no plans to give it up.

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