Woman who appeared on Supernanny at 9 reveals she 'climbed on a table' before hitting her in the face

Woman who appeared on Supernanny at 9 reveals she 'climbed on a table' before hitting her in the face

May 15, 2022

WE can all remember the noughties classic Supernanny, but one woman has shared a sneak peek behind the scenes of the iconic show.

Meghann Cooke (@meghannhelaina) has been sharing her experiences on the show on TikTok, revealing some home truths for fans of the show.

Meghann, from Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire appeared on the show with her parents, Paul and Denise, and her two younger sisters, Gabriella and Erin, who were in dire need of Supernanny Jo Frost.

Their episode showed numerous arguments and shouting matches between the lively girls and their parents.

The family also stopped going on public outings in fear that Meghann’s behaviour may end up causing an embarrassing scene.

Some of Meghann’s outbursts were so bad that during a conversation with Jo and Paul, she climbed up onto the dining table and lashed out at Jo and hit her.

On one video someone asked whether that scene was staged, and Meghann simply says: “It wasn’t scripted me hitting Jo…. I lashed out, a lot.”

The family became infamous in their area for being on the show, with the episode’s legacy following Meghann as she grew up and went to secondary school.

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Jo Frost was notorious for her no-nonsense attitude to chaotic kidsCredit: Channel 4

In one video she said that a good friend of hers from school admitted that before becoming friends, she was scared of what Meghann might have been like after seeing her on the show.

Supernanny is something Meghann can’t seem to shake as so many people recognise, so she delves into the behind the scenes action for them.

She says: “It wasn’t that it was staged or that we were set up in situations, but our routine was fully changed.

It wasn’t scripted me hitting Jo…. I lashed out, a lot.

“We were used to getting ready in the morning, watching TV, getting our hair done, having our friends round.

“Um, and weren’t allowed to watch the TV because, obviously, copyright reasons they can’t have the television on.

“We weren’t allowed to have friends around because they shouldn’t really have our friends in the video – and we weren’t allowed to wear certain clothes, like, we weren’t allowed to wear clothes with branding and stuff on them.”

She says that having her normal routine changed was strange and that the footage that was shown on the TV was filmed over a five weeks – for just a 50-minute episode.

On the show Jo introduced one of her many techniques to battle with Meghann’s attitude, simply known as the Reflection Room.

This technique was a form of timeout, which saw Jo separating children from an environment where unacceptable behaviour has taken place and remain there for the same number of minutes as their age.

As Meghann was nine at the time, she spent nine minutes sitting down to think about her behaviour.

She revealed that the crew were always so lovely to the family, both on and off camera, saying she grew fond of the director Victoria – who told her that she would make a brilliant director one day.

Meghann credits this as her inspiration for her career path.

The house was full of cameras all the time, which Meghann said was just like Big Brother.

Despite speaking cheerfully about her experience on the show, Meghann said the thing she hated most about being on it was that she and her family faced a lot of hate on YouTube, which was giving people a platform to share their negative thoughts.

Meghann was asked whether Jo and the experience on the show had an impact on the way she and her sisters behaved in future.

“I can’t speak for everybody who’s been on the show, but I don’t think Jo really changed us.

“I think over a few years after Jo had visited, we grew up and the dynamics changed in our family – and that’s made us behave better.”

Her sister Gabriella revealed that there was one memorable scene that didn’t make the cut.

Gabriella says: “Jo played on the trampoline and I remember that it went right to the floor when she bounced.”

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Meghann follows up: “She also played football in a graveyard.”

Gabriella chimes in: “And rounders!”

Supernanny even made it across the pond, where Jo was tasked with handling out of control children in the US.

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