Woman shares the £2.39 Lenor scent booster dupes she found in Aldi, but not everyone's convinced it was such a bargain | The Sun

Woman shares the £2.39 Lenor scent booster dupes she found in Aldi, but not everyone's convinced it was such a bargain | The Sun

January 17, 2023

MOST of us love the smell of freshly washed clothes and hope to hang onto it for as long as we can. 

If you’ve done your fair bit of laundry you will probably be reaching for Lenor Unstoppables to get that fresh linen smell.

But with the cost of living rising steeply the Lenor scent boosters will cost you a pretty penny retailing for on average £6 per 300 grams. 

But it looks like Aldi are back with their dupes. Aldi are selling a dupe laundry and scent booster called Almat So Soft and shoppers are raving about it. 

One woman posted the dupe on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

She said: “Not sure if it's already been posted but Aldi have laundry scent boosters. Blossom, fresh blue and coconut.”

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Aldi are selling their scent boosters for £2.39 per 100 grams. Aldi reckons this will last you at least 15 washes if your using the recommended capful per wash. 

Many users in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group said they were huge fans of the scent boosters. 

One commenter said: “Aldi ones £2.39, I love them.”

Another commenter said: “I have the coconut, smells lovely.”

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Some viewers said they struggled to get them as they were rarely in stock.

One user said: “I managed to get these only one time and they have never been in stock washing smelt amazing.”

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Some users mentioned that other supermarkets had their own brand scent boosters which were also a bargain saying theirs were even better than the Aldi dupe. 

One user said: “They have had them ages they smell lovely when you open the lid but to be honest you can’t really smell them when using in the wash so I’ve gone back to Lenor mostly but Wilkos ones are pretty good especially the coconut scent and are 3 for £6.”

Another user said: “I might give them a go but Tesco ones are my favourite ever, I’d wear a perfume of this if I could.”

Tesco are selling their Golden Topaz in-wash Fragrance Boosters for £3 per 275 grams. 

Another user said you can get: “Bigger ones on £3 in Poundland.”

Many users said the Aldi scent booster dupe didn’t have a long lasting smell. 

One commenter said: “They’re OK for the price to be fair but to be totally honest with you I would rather stick with the Lenor ones the scent lasts much longer and your clothes feel softer.”

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