Woman shares easy hack for getting stubborn fake tan off and all you need is baby lotion

Woman shares easy hack for getting stubborn fake tan off and all you need is baby lotion

August 13, 2021

ANYONE who regularly uses fake tan will know the worst part about achieving a faux glow is spending ages scrubbing off the patchy remains.

There’s nothing worse than the patchy fake tan residue that just won’t shift.

But now, one beauty fan has revealed a genius hack for removing fake tan in minutes.

Freshly Baked London, self tan indie brand, posted the fake tan removal hack on their TikTok account ‘Freshlybakedldn’.

The hack is very simple and only involves one thing – baby lotion.

The woman says: “Today is scrubbing off tan day.

“I have literally had my tan on for eight days now and it is starting to come off.

“But I have discovered a little hack, so I wanted to show you all.


“Now I do know some people struggle to scrub off their tan because it’s not ready to come off or it’s just super super stubborn.

"If you grab yourself some baby lotion, just like a bog-standard baby lotion and apply it all over your body.

“It literally softens the tan.

“Let that soak in for ten minutes, then get in the shower and try scrub it off.

“Grab some baby lotion and rub it in – as you can see it’s literally just breaking it down.

“It is literally peeling off.”

The fake tan removal hack has clearly impressed many as it has racked up over 184,000 views.

The video has 20,000 likes, over 400 comments and over 1,000 shares

One person said: “Just tried this…I am absolutely AMAZED!! It’s worked exactly how you showed and described I can’t believe it!”

Another added: “Wow this is the best thing ever I need to go try ASAP.”

A third commented: “Could actually be a game changer.”

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