Woman shares a hack for making her spice cupboard look much neater – but people are all saying the same thing | The Sun

Woman shares a hack for making her spice cupboard look much neater – but people are all saying the same thing | The Sun

January 19, 2023

DETERMINED to give her spice cupboard a neater look, one foodie shared a £40 hack – but people on social media were not so impressed.

Those who love trying out different cuisines know how messy spice cupboards can get – from jars of paprika to half-empty packets of curry powder, there are dozens of different spices everywhere.

This used to be a problem one cooking fan, Andrina Teresa Crumptom, from Glasgow, Scotland, used to struggle with… until she came up with a pricey solution.

Satisfied with the £39.99 purchase, the mum took to TikTok to show what she had bought – dozens of glass jars with paper stickers.

''I was fed up of opening my cupboards and it looking like this – just unorganised and a complete riot.

''I saw these on TikTok – it's the bamboo and glass spice jars, so I thought we'd order them and see what they were like.''

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The delivery, she said in her video, was super speedy, as she received the box in just two days.

''Really good quality, all the bamboo lids. You get a funnel, you get shaker tops that you put on,'' she opened the box containing 24 of these jars.

After filling up all the new mini jars with the spices she had sitting in her kitchen – a process that took her 15min – Andrina placed them back in the cupboard.

''I'm buzzing, all matching, it looks really, really good.''

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Opening up the cupboard for the grand reveal, the foodie exclaimed: ''Look how nice and neat, and uniform it all is. So clean and tidy.

''Buzzing! What a difference!''

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But whilst the mum couldn't get over the transformation, people on social media were of a slightly different opinion – they reckoned it didn't make easier to spot what's where.

''Seems purely aesthetic because its just replacing glass jars with glass jars lol,'' one chuckled.

Another agreed, writing: ''Not me thinking you was going to get a cupboard organiser. Not just jars.''

''So now you can have exactly the same mess, but the lids are bamboo. Nice,'' a third laughed.

''Yeah but the colour lids are easier to find what herb you need,'' someone else pointed out.

However, amongst the 522k viewers, were also those who liked the neat approach, such as this person: ''Love this. Surprisingly, it’s easier to find stuff when the packaging is consistent.

''You’re not distracted by the different colours and designs. True!''

Speaking of spices, did you know you're probably keeping them for far too long?

Spices certainly have a long shelf life, but that doesn't mean they last forever.

Food Network listed the general rules for all sorts of spices, saying that ground spices last for about six months and whole spies can hold up for up to five years.

As for mixed spices, Food Network's website says it's important to keep track of when you obtained them and suggests the old-fashioned sniff test to decide whether or not you can keep any spices in question.

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Of course, if your spices have an expiration date, it's always best to go by that.

If you're worried about being wasteful, you can also freeze certain herbs and spices into ice cubes and thaw them when they're ready to be used.

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