Woman reveals how to make small boobs look bigger in an instant – including while wearing see-through tops

Woman reveals how to make small boobs look bigger in an instant – including while wearing see-through tops

December 10, 2020

WE'RE all for body positivity – but sometimes, we still occasionally wish our boobs were a tiny bit bigger so we could pull off a busty dress or two.

Although it's only human nature to want what we can't have, one savvy TikTok star has revealed how you can instantly make yourself look bustier.

And the best part is, you probably already have everything you need hanging in your wardrobe.

Yasmeen shared her top five styling tricks with her 150,000 followers earlier this week.

"Five tips for my small chested ladies like myself," she said as she introduced the video.

Opt for turtlenecks

Yasmeen's first tip is to wear turtlenecks to create a sleek silhouette which skims over the chest.

She said: "If you want to draw attention away from your chest, focus on high-necklined tops or turtlenecks.

"This is going to draw attention to your face."

Choose jackets with breast pockets

Oversized jackets are all the rage right now – but to make you look bustier, Yasmeen recommends buying one with breast pockets.

She said: "Sometimes when we wear baggy or oversized jackets, it can give us a really boyish figure.

"Jackets with breast pockets are going to be great during the colder months and give dimension to your upper body and chest area."

Wear bralettes under sheer tops

One of the perks of having smaller boobs is being able to wear lacy bralettes without needing to worry about the support they offer.

Yasmeen recommends wearing them underneath oversized sheer tops to make your boobs look a couple cup sizes larger than they are.

She said: "You can also experiment with mesh or see-through tops like this with the bralette under.

"Since we have a small chest, it doesn't come across as too revealing."

Don't be afraid of low necklines

Thought low-cut tops were reserved for busty girls? Think again.

Yasmeen recommends wearing V-necked tops – and ones with built-in bras or seams under the boobs will instantly make you look bustier.

"You can also experiment with V-neck tops like this or low necklines," she said. "Again, because we have a smaller chest it doesn't come across as too sexy."

Oversized tops are your friend

Speaking from experience, we tend to shy away from oversized tops for fear they'll make us look even more flat-chested.

But Yasmeen says this excess material can work in actually work in your favour.

Using a tied-up shirt as an example, she said: "Tops with any drapey or ruffly details are great to give a volumising effect.

"And they're going to give the illusion of a fuller chest."

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