Woman proves why you should be cleaning your doormat regularly – and its stomach-churning

Woman proves why you should be cleaning your doormat regularly – and its stomach-churning

May 23, 2021

THERE'S a lot of things that can be overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but one woman has proven why your doormat shouldn't be one of them.

If you think about it, people are forever traipsing back and forth over it with their dirty shoes, so it's bound to be a magnet for grim build-up if it doesn't get some much-needed TLC.

TikTok user and cleaning fan @cleanwithleesha swore to clean her doormat regularly after strip-washing it for the first time and being left horrified by the results.

She shared a how-to video online, that has since been watched thousands of times, where she was seen filling a bath with warm water and multiple scoops of laundry detergent and stain remover.

Her weapons of choice? Bold washing powder and The Pink Stuff's Oxi Powder stain remover.

After adding her rug to the solution, the water began to turn a muddy brown colour almost immediately.

"That was just after literally putting it in… make sure you clean your rugs by the doors. It's disgusting," she is heard saying in the clip.

As the rug was left to soak, the water got darker and darker, with the woman revealing: "This is after 30 minutes, the water is disgusting."

To finish, she drained the bath and rinsed off the rug until the water coming off was clear.

She captioned her video: "Door rug clean eww make sure you clean yours I’m doing mine regularly from now on."

People were left feeling just as queasy as they watched, with one person commenting: "Oh god I hat to think what mine is like."

"Omg," said another, while a third revealed they had already done the same with their own doormats.

"Yes! That happened to my big grey one actually," they posted.

Others were seen asking how she managed to dry out the rug after strip-washing it.

The cleaning fan responded: "Just hung it over my garden chair."

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