Woman proudly wears skimpy tops that show off major underboob to the gym, but people say she's trying way too hard | The Sun

Woman proudly wears skimpy tops that show off major underboob to the gym, but people say she's trying way too hard | The Sun

February 11, 2023

A FITNESS enthusiast has been slammed for trying too hard after being spotted rocking skimpy tops at the gym.

When it comes to working out, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable – and for Marisol Yotta that means teeny tops with her boobs peeking through.

The young woman, who posts under the username @marisol.yotta123 on TikTok, regularly shares workout videos online.

But rather than her enviable figure or the dedicated fitness routine, it's more the outfits that have got social media users talking.

By now, her 158.8k fans will know that Marisol avoids wearing tops – she will much rather rock sports bras so tiny that her girls will be almost falling out.

It's not just gym where the rising social media star opts for the less is better approach – her regular garments often see an underboob too.

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But although her stunning beauty has certainly amassed her a notable fanbase of hopeful would-be Romeos, Marisol has also found a number of trolls.

Seeing her fashion choices at the gym, many reckon that the young woman is ''trying too hard''.

''Essence of vulgarity,'' one TikTok fan commented.

Another shared their opinion on Marisol's assets, writing: ''It just looks funny waaaay too big [sic].''

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Despite the level of trolling, Marisol has not yet addressed the negative remarks.

Recently another gym bunny went viral after revealing she curls her locks just to head for a workout – but people say she looks ready for the prom.

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Whilst many will simply put their locks in a quick ponytail, 22-year-old TikTok user Ruby (@alondrarubyyy) will opt for a more glam look – voluptuous curls.

The gym lover shared the heatless curl routine on TikTok, where she claimed it takes her just five minutes.

Contrary to what many might assume, the 22-year-old, from the US, insisted she doesn't ruin the locks with sweat whilst working out.

But although Ruby claimed her sessions are still effective, people on social media were baffled at the hairdo of choice.

For many, sporting curls at the gym was simply far too much – they reckoned that it looked like as if she was heading to the prom.

Amongst the whopping 1.6million viewers of the clip, hundreds had something to say, with one writing: ''Meanwhile I walk in like Adam Sandler's stunt double.''

Another was just as stunned, commenting: ''Excuse me? For the gym?

''Lmao I wish I looked like that. I look raggedy.''

Someone else agreed: ''I mean it’s beautiful but to do all that to go to the gym is crazy.''

But fortunately for Ruby, there were also countless of fellow beauty lovers who put in just as much effort when heading for a session.

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