Woman mortified after accidentally telling a vicar she wants to sleep with him – and people in hysterics over the story | The Sun

Woman mortified after accidentally telling a vicar she wants to sleep with him – and people in hysterics over the story | The Sun

December 19, 2022

HAVE you ever accidentally told a vicar that you wanted to sleep with him?

Well, that's the situation that Eleanor found herself in, and she took to TikTok to share the horrendously embarrassing tale.

"So this morning I managed to tell a vicar that I wanted to sleep with him accidentally," she began her video.

"Hmm, how do you do that? You ask.

"Well here’s how.

"The vicar entered the room, that i was situated in. Someone says, ‘Are you familiar with this lovely lady Eleanor?’

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"Said in a jesty, jokey way as he was indeed familiar with me – he lives on my road, he’s in the community. very familiar.

"He retorts with, ‘Not in a biblical sense, no’. Risky joke from a vicar, apparently, as knowing someone in a biblical sense apparently means having relations with them."

But Eleanor had absolutely no idea that referring to knowing someone in the "biblical sense" was "vicar slang" for having slept with them.

"I thought he was saying, ‘I don’t know Eleanor from any Bible stories’," she said.

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"Like the name Eleanor wasn’t in the Bible. That’s what I though that meant.

"So I responded with, ‘I wish you knew me in the biblical sense’."

When she'd said that, the "room went cold".

"Because that translated means, I wish we’d had (relations), mr vicar," she sighed.

"So that’s how you tell a vicar accidentally that you want to sleep with him."

Eleanor concluded her video by saying: "I’m not sure how to recover from this.

"Please someone tell me how I rectify this without making it awkward.

"Please can someone help me, please."

But people in the comments section insisted there was no coming back from the blunder.

"You pack up and move. In the dead of night. Never to be seen again," one wrote.

"I’m a vicar and I can’t help you cos I can’t stop laughing," another added.

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"either move or marry him. only options," a third commented.

While another wrote: "As a Christian who hears jokes like this a bit, I CACKLED."

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