Woman left terrified over object dumped in a bin but it’s an optical illusion – what do you see? | The Sun

Woman left terrified over object dumped in a bin but it’s an optical illusion – what do you see? | The Sun

June 14, 2022

AFTER a horrifying shock, one woman was glad (and embarrassed) to know the thing that scared her was an optical illusion.

Can you spot the scary image lurking in her garbage can?

Sammi Jorgensen was starting her day and doing chores when she saw something startling outside.

Her traumatized reaction went viral when the video she captured and posted to TikTok received over 758k views.

"So, I just had a straight-up panic attack," Jorgensen said by way of introduction.

Standing inside her home, she pointed the camera outside and explained what happened. "I was watching the dogs and I saw something looking at me in the trash can," she said.

"You see it?" Jorgensen asked. "It looks like a freakin' dead cat."

Zooming in showed exactly what Jorgensen saw: a pointy set of ears, a stripey face, and yellow eyes staring straight into the abyss.

Luckily, Jorgensen had a realization, which she passed on to relieved followers.

"It's a bag of cat food," she said. "It's a bag of cat food! Oh, my God."

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In the comments section, other pet owners reassured Jorgensen they would've been terrified, too.

"Nah I about went into cardiac arrest," one viewer wrote.

"I probably would have been crying," another admitted.

"I was putting shoes on and doing a headcount of my cats," Jorgensen admitted. "It looks JUST like one of my cats too, so it was full panic."

The can's lid blew over before Jorgensen could investigate, revealing the gruesome illusion was not what it seemed.

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One woman did make Jorgensen feel better by pointing out that it could've been worse, sharing her own similar anecdote.

"I threw a diaper box away," the woman wrote. "When I clicked on my outside camera the next day it legit looked like there was a baby laying in my recycle bin."

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