What is the Oreo mustard trend?

What is the Oreo mustard trend?

January 31, 2022

WHEN it comes to TikTok trends, there is no way to discern which song, dance, or challenge will be popularized next.

Most recently, people have taken to putting yellow mustard on their Oreos for the sake of a TikTok trend.

What is the Oreo mustard trend?

This trend involves adding mustard to an Oreo and eating it, and although it may seem odd to some, a lot of people have been giving the weird food combination a try.

The cookie and condiment mash-up is making its rounds again this year after having done its damage in 2020 following the publication of a USA Today crossword puzzle hint. 

In the puzzle, the hint for 10 Down was "Cookie that some people eat with mustard,” and the only word that made sense in the crossword was “Oreo.”

Despite the negative reactions of many, a lot of people seem to enjoy the unlikely pair, so much so that it’s kicked off a trend on the popular video-sharing app.

Have any celebrities tried the Oreo mustard trend?

On December 28, 2021, singer Lizzo pulled out a sleeve of Oreos and a bottle of yellow mustard and took to TikTok to film herself trying the trend.

The famous singer squirted a considerable quantity of mustard on her Oreo and took a bite with a reserved expression on her face. 

She examined the flavor combination with a puzzled expression on her face, then returns for seconds with no further comment.

Fans were left confused as to whether she liked the combination or not, with a user commenting: “I think she enjoys it im scared.”

Even superstore Walmart contributed to the conversation, writing: “There will be no living, laughing or loving today.”

Do people like Oreos and mustard together?

Reactions to this combo seem to be split.

Brett Murphy, a USA Today Network investigative reporter, tweeted an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know the specific locations of the "some people" who eat their Oreos with mustard, and the story quickly went viral.

The email Murphy posted read: “Oreos and mustard––I can now inform you with learned experiential certainty––are wretched.

“Who exactly are the “some people” that consume Oreos with mustard? I would like to have a word with them. If you could kindly provide their phone numbers and home mailing addresses, I would be most appreciative.”

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The emailer also demanded a $0.14 refund for the four breath mints they had to take in order to “get the taste out of my mouth.”

Reporter Ken Armstrong said in a reply to the tweet: “Given the severe gravity of the offense, his demand for 14 cents seems quite reasonable.”

On TikTok, though, there seem to be a lot of people who do enjoy the combination of Oreos and mustard. 

Many users who have filmed themselves tasting the odd snack begin looking reluctant and saying that they “don’t even know” why they’re trying it at the request of their followers, but look to enjoy it by the time the video is finished. 

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