What is the law of rhythm?

What is the law of rhythm?

October 29, 2021

THE law of rhythm states everything on Earth has a cycle it follows.

Everything that goes one way must come back the opposite way, and then the process repeats itself endlessly.

How can I apply the law of rhythm to my life?

The law of rhythm is one of 12 universal laws, and a mindset we have to condition ourselves to use. 

There isn’t any action we must take to implement the law of rhythm into our lives. We must simply acknowledge for everything good there comes a bad, and for every high, there also comes a low.

 Enjoy and relish in the good times, and don’t worry about what comes next. The important thing to note is when the pendulum swings to the place we strive to avoid, it always comes back around.

How will it change your life?

By applying the law of rhythm to your life, you’ll quickly learn how to live in the moment. 

You’ll no longer worry about the next step because you don’t know whether it’s going to get even better or slightly worse. It’s a mixed bag or toss-up.

It teaches you that you don’t have control over a lot of things, and the only thing you can control is how you respond to the situation you’re given. Take everything in stride and work toward your next steps.

Most importantly, it teaches us to appreciate the good times in life because they are always fleeting, never constant.

12 Universal Laws

The 12 Universal Laws are a form of meditation for freedom originating from ancient Hawaiian culture

  • 12 Universal Laws:
  • Law of vibration
  • Law of attraction
  • Law of oneness
  • Law of compensation
  • Law of gender
  • Law of cause and effect
  • Law of relativity
  • Law of polarity
  • Law of rhythm
  • Law of correspondence
  • Law of inspired action

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