What is my spirit animal?

What is my spirit animal?

March 10, 2022

IN some cultures and spiritual traditions, a spirit animal is a guide for a person's life journey.

They are a metaphor for the character and personality of a person with lots of online quizzes to find yours.

What is my spirit animal?

A spirit animal can be anything that you resonate with that can help guide you through your life.

They can refer to power animals, a New Age belief, spirit guides who exist beyond the living plane, or a Totem relating to North American Indigenous or Aboriginal Australian cultures.

Spirit guides are believed to protect and support people while we work on our purpose.

There are some common spirit animals people encounter.

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The butterfly is a symbol is transformation and change in many cultures.

It could mean your life is moving on to its next phase or cycle.

They can also represent rising above earthly matters.


Known for intelligence, perspective and trickster personalities, the crow invites awareness.

Crows bring magic and mystery but also symbolise choice and decision making.

If you are drawn to crows in your life think about how you could be bringing more perspective or even flexibility into your life.


If these creatures appear frequently in your life or dreams it is to remind you to build the life you want.

Their intricate webs signify hard work and perseverance but most of all patience.

Spiders also represent feminine energy and the power behind the feminine.


Wisdom and intuition are often pictured as owls, from Winnie the Pooh to Animal Crossing they feature as the voice of reason in popular culture.

They are truth-seers and encourage you to see beyond the illusions in life.

Owls are a rarer guide but hold immense significance for the universe – if you see one it is a true sign from the universe.


Wolves are powerful and protective animals, they value freedom but also family.

They are intelligent and instinctual, inviting you to listen to yourself and your needs.

This can be a symbol to take stock of those who surround you and trust what your gut is telling you.


Symbols of lightness and speed, the humble hummingbird takes effort to gain the trust of.

They are adaptive and encourage you to go with the flow and be more playful.

Their high speed flutter and bright colours are reminders to live life to the full and embrace its vibrancy.


This little bug might not seem as grand as some other spirit animals but they hold a lot of power.

Their high jumps symbolise leaps of faith and moving forward with your life.

In some cultures they are considered good omens and bring good luck.


If an eagle enters your life it encourages you to return to your spiritual journey.

They have light and healing energy but also bring grounding and conneciton.

These, similarly to owls, bring a powerful symbol from the universe to reconnect to your path.

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