We test out products that will help keep your hangovers at bay so you can party away this Christmas

We test out products that will help keep your hangovers at bay so you can party away this Christmas

December 23, 2018

And even if you don’t feel great you can still look good, with the help of our pick of the best eye palettes for all budgets.



YOU take three capsules before bed after booze, then three the next morning. The makers are so sure it will do the trick that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It kind of works, I thought I felt better than I should.

It's enough to treat eight nights out and ingredients include ginger, amino acid and 25 antioxidants.

  • £24.97 from afterdrink.com


FRUIT flavoured, it contains N-acetyl cysteine, milk thistle and curcumin, vitamins and electrolytes to help re-hydration.

The bottle must be consumed on the night you’ve had a drink, before bed. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not 100 per cent satisfied, but I was.

After a festive night I was amazed the next day – a bit jaded but no headache, dodgy tum or jitters.

  • £12.80 for four 100ml bottles from boomerangdrink.com

Fizzy tablets

SORTED is a mango-flavoured supplement that increases energy and mental performance, making it good for tiredness, jet lag . . . and hangovers.

Contains 5HTP, a natural compound which converts into serotonin.

Also contains ginseng, caffeine, vitamins and electrolytes.

I loved the taste and it’s great for a perk-up but it didn’t help my hangover.

  • £9.95 for ten from sortedhealth.co.uk



SIX shimmering shades of pinks, coppers and golds.

These aren’t as pigmented as the other shadows so it takes a little time to build to a more intense colour.

A good option at a great price.

  • £3.99 from boots.com


COMPLETELY customisable. I often use only a couple of shades from a palette and the rest of the colours are wasted if they don’t suit me – this totally solves that problem.

The palette can be personalised with any text you like, too, and there’s the option to add blushers or highlighters.

  • £24.99 from beautonomy.com


EIGHT ultra-rich shades ranging from burgundies and browns to pinks and nudes.

Some of the colours looked a little bold for me but I fell in love with them all. The shades are super-blendable and all work very well together.

The only palette I’ve ever had in which I have used ALL the shades. The packaging is gorgeous too.

Can’t fault it and definitely the best of the three here.

  • £35 from cultbeauty.co.uk

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