Wayfair slash the price of weighted blankets to £29 – and they're perfect for anxious sleepers

Wayfair slash the price of weighted blankets to £29 – and they're perfect for anxious sleepers

March 24, 2020

WEIGHTED Blankets are popular amongst those who suffer from stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Luckily for their fans, Wayfair has slashed the price of them to £28.99.

In these turbulent times it's more difficult to find some peace, and for those who suffer with anxiety a good night's sleep can sometimes make all the difference.

  • Wayfair Symple Stuff Weighted Blanket, £28.99, Wayfair – buy here

Wayfair's 'Symple Stuff' Weighted Blanket's use revolutionary 'Deep Touch Stimulation' therapy –  which is known to create a sense of serenity and calm.

Originally £37.99, the W150 X L125cm blanket is now £29.99 – which is a handy 24 per cent off.

There's also a larger option, which has 15 per cent off, making it £52.99 from £61.99,  and is W200 X L150cm.

The compact stitched pockets distribute weight evenly across you entire body, creating a calming, cocoon effect.

The blanket uses certified, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic micro glass beads spread across 4.5 inch pockets to create a weighted feeling,

It is suitable for both adults and kids, but should not be used by young children who are unable to move the blanket themselves.

Wayfair also recommends that you should consult a physician for recommended blanket weight, but this usually 7 – 12 per cent of your body weight.If you've been struggling to drift off or are feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, then a weighted blanket is one way to feel a little more relaxed.You can see Wayfair's full range of Weighted Blankets here.

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