Viral ‘spinning house’ optical illusion leaves people stumped – so can YOU work it out?

Viral ‘spinning house’ optical illusion leaves people stumped – so can YOU work it out?

February 25, 2021

A 'spinning house' optical illusion is leaving people absolutely stumped – with many social media users scratching their head in confusion.

A video of the "house" has been shared on TikTok and by user Hazel Ann who filmed the landmark as she drove by.

The landmark is located in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and as the driver approaches and passes the house, it appears to be turning in the direction of the car.

Hazel captioned the clip: "The spinning optical illusion house always trips me out."

And it seems others have been left baffled too.

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times since being uploaded on Monday with many trying to work out what's going on in the clip.

One person said:"I watched this so many times and I have no idea what I'm seeing."

And a second added: "It's so cool but why put something that distracting that you know drivers are going to stare at?"

While another simply asked: "How?"

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A photo of the house was shared on an Instagram page Hidden Sydney, and detailed the origins of the landmark.

The house is actually a piece of art called Camoufleur by a local artist Regina Walters and is said to be recreation of a disguised airplane hanger, styled as a 1940s home.

Camouflage 3D optical illusions was used to create the black and white design and is a nod to the camouflage tricks used during WWII -with visual tricks such as this protecting military locations.

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