Traveller groom who says he’s a ‘two woman kind of man’ dumps his pregnant girlfriend because 'arguments are bad luck’

Traveller groom who says he’s a ‘two woman kind of man’ dumps his pregnant girlfriend because 'arguments are bad luck’

January 29, 2022

A TRAVELLER groom who says he is a “two woman kind of man” has dumped his pregnant girlfriend because she brought him “bad luck.”

Teddy Lee, from Coleman, Alabama, appears on TLC’s Gypsy Brides US where he remains determined to continue living his party life ahead of the birth of his child.

Leaving pregnant girlfriend Megan at home, Teddy heads to a local bar where he quickly hooks up with a fellow traveller, Corrie which is all in a day’s work for him.

“I guess the girls like me, I’m not tooting my own horn but toot toot” he says.

“I’m a good looking guy. I’m a sexually active person, I like for women to experience the Teddy experience.

“I’m out with another girl while I’ve got Megan at home because I just wanna have a good time

“I’m a playboy and she’s pregnant, you don’t want to go out with someone who can’t drink while you’re having a good time.”

While Corrie admits that Teddy is a “trouble-maker” it seems that she’s willing to look past that as she’s seen nibbling on his lips at a club.

And it isn’t just Corrie that Teddy has his sights set on, with the traveller making his way from woman to woman in the club.

He says: “My dad always said to me ‘you’ve got to be like Tarzan, you can’t let go of one vine until you reached the other one.’

“I’m at least a two woman man. I’m a ten woman man.”

After a night of partying, Teddy heads home to face the music, fobbing Megan off with stories about how he was turning women away.

“She bought it, probably not for long though”, Teddy tells producers.

And he’s not wrong, with Megan calling him later that morning to give him what for but by arguing with Teddy, she is breaking a serious traveller taboo.

“That’s my number one rule over anything,” a furious Teddy explains, “Don’t argue in the morning, that’s a gypsy superstition.”

In a bid to fight off his girlfriend’s curse, Teddy meets up with Corrie but struggles to find any work for the day.

And driving without a license, locals are quick to call the police on Teddy.

“I just feel like this whole trip’s jinxed” Teddy says panicked.

Teddy decides to leave town, dumping his girlfriend and abandoning his unborn baby along the way.

He says, “I guess I’m like Tarzan now, I got find me a good vine, I gotta let go of this vine, it’s rotten.”

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