Todd Chrisley Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie from Bed After Denying Getting a Facelift

Todd Chrisley Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie from Bed After Denying Getting a Facelift

August 31, 2020

Todd Chrisley put his “bedhead” on display in a new Instagram photo — but social media users couldn’t help but focus on his youthful appearance as well.

The Chrisley Knows Best reality star, 51, shared his fresh-face selfie, which he captioned, It’s FRIDAY, let’s see what this day holds and how to make it better.. #bedhead,” after denying he got a facelift earlier this month.

Many people were amazed that Chrisley seems to be “aging backwards” in the comment section, while others questioned the entrepreneur's appearance.

“Pretty sure you're aging backwards!!” one fan wrote. “You look so young!” a second person said.

While a third user added, "This doesn’t look like Todd at all. What happened?" "Way too much Botox!" someone else said.

Chrisley shared another selfie with daughter Savannah Chrisley on Saturday.

"Just another hard day on the job with this one @savannahchrisley," he captioned the Instagram photo.

The 23-year-old posted the same snap to her own feed alongside a sweet note about her dad: "This man…ONE OF A KIND!! BEST dad and BEST friend a girl could ask for 🙌🏼❤️" she wrote in the caption.

"Please tell me y’all skin care regimen! Y”all look flawless!" one person commented.

Earlier this month, the famous father of five shut down facelift rumors that began circulating on social media — and revealed the one cosmetic enhancement he does get done.

After the Chrisley Knows Best star snapped a selfie when he shaved off his scruff since wife Julie Chrisley "didn't like the facial hair," some Instagram commenters started speculating that Todd went under the knife. "Did you use filters on this photo or have you had a facelift?" one person asked. Another said, "😂🤣😂🤣 thank your plastic surgeon…your face is allllll filler .."

But Chrisley didn't let the haters bring him down and instead delivered some epic clap backs in the comments. "you are so kind , i actually have no filler in my face , but if you sleep better thinking that , then consider me fillered up," he replied.

He also answered another person who asked if he got a facelift or fillers to which Todd said, "neither." He added, "but maybe In the future …"

Eventually Savannah revealed the truth: her dad gets Botox injections to smooth out wrinkles.

"@toddchrisley correction…you don't have a facelift every 6 months 😂 it's Botox LOL," Savannah said.

Besides Botox and lasers, Chrisley told another fan about other beauty treatments he likes doing to maintain his appearance. "Halo laser and hydro facials," he said.

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