Thrifty mum of three shows how to whip up 27 homemade quiches for her family… for UNDER £15

Thrifty mum of three shows how to whip up 27 homemade quiches for her family… for UNDER £15

December 22, 2021

FEEDING a family of five can be an expensive business.

But Australian mum of three Jenna's recipes are so delicious and budget-friendly that she's managed to rack up an impressive 20,000 following on TikTok.

Jenna recently took to the social media site to share her recipe for mini quiches, and explained in the video how she managed to make a staggering 27 of them for her family for less than £15.

She started off with mini foil cases, which are readily available in supermarket stores, and lined each of them with a square of ready rolled puff pastry.

After running out of the cases, she used the remaining pastry square to line a mini muffin tin.

Then she cracked 12 free range eggs into a bowl and added 600ml of double cream and a handful of grated cheddar cheese, before seasoning with salt, pepper, white pepper, oregano, onion salt and sweet paprika and mixing well.

Then, she used a scoop to transfer the mixture into the pre-lined pastry cases.

Once she'd done that, Jenna was able to customise the quiches depending on who in her family likes what.

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Admitting she's "not a mum who makes different meals for different kids", but adding she doesn't want her children to eat food they hate, Jenna made the quiches to her kids' tastes.

In some, she went heavy on the vegetables, while others contained more ham and sweetcorn.

Once the cases had been filled, she topped them with some more cheese and used a milk wash on the pastry to ensure it became crispy when cooked in the oven.

In total, Jenna managed to cook 18 quiches, and a further six teeny ones, which she said would be perfect for her kids' school lunchboxes.

She spent $25 Australian dollars cooking the quiches, which works out at around £13.50.

As an added bonus, the quiches can also be frozen, so are a brilliant option for batch cooking and popping in the freezer.

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