These Cooling Athletic Shorts Have Over 1,300 Fans — and They’re Only $14 on Amazon

These Cooling Athletic Shorts Have Over 1,300 Fans — and They’re Only $14 on Amazon

April 12, 2021

Amazon's fashion department is the ultimate hub for affordable clothing. Every new season, customers can peruse stylish, top-quality clothing at budget prices, from slip-on shoes to lightweight sweaters. If spring cleaning has you tossing pieces from your drawers to make room for the new, don't look past the countless shopper-approved pieces the retailer offers, such as the C9 Champion Knit Sport Shorts for $14 per pair. 

The breathable athletic shorts are made from a 100 percent polyester material that reviewers say holds up well through repeated washes. The brand's duo-dry technology wicks away moisture throughout wear, making the shorts ideal for rigorous exercising or lounging around in the summer heat. The two side pockets are an added bonus and can hold plenty without weighing down either side of the shorts. Plus, reviewers say the adjustable elastic waist never feels too tight around their stomach. 

Buy It! C9 Champion Knit Sport Short, $13.99;

With over 1,300 five-star ratings from around the globe, it's no wonder shoppers are purchasing multiple pairs. Many have said they offer a flattering fit and never ride up uncomfortably or cause chaffing. One shopper said they've been "living in them" ever since they bought their first pair. 

"These are THE ONLY shorts I have in my wardrobe that I love," wrote one reviewer. "I have an older version of these shorts that I purchased from Target, and I could not find anything similar anywhere until I found them here [on Amazon]. These are even better since they have pockets, and I'm confident they are just a bit longer so they are more flattering. I'm 39 and like shorter shorts but can't have my booty hanging out, and these are perfect! This material keeps me cool and dries quickly."

"The price of these is great! They are super soft and lightweight," said another. "The pockets are deeper than what you get with most ladies' shorts, which is awesome! The waistband keeps them super secure, even after sweating and moving in them. I bought them to play soccer in, and they are a bomb purchase for the price. PLUS, there are no obnoxious labels or symbols or words on them, so it's a classy look."

The C9 Champion Knit Sport Shorts are available in four neutral colors for $14 each on Amazon. Sizes range from XS to XXL. 

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