The Queen wore £1.2m wedding dress – but another European royal has the most expensive

The Queen wore £1.2m wedding dress – but another European royal has the most expensive

June 27, 2022

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Wedding experts at analysed the dresses all members of the British Royal Family chose for their special days. According to the new data, the Queen’s 1947 wedding dress designed by Norman Hartwell cost £30,000 worth of ration stamps but is now valued at £1.2million making it the most expensive one in the UK.

The Queen’s wedding gown is followed by the Duchess of Cambridge’s Alexander McQueen dress which is valued at around £325,000 today.

Princess Eugenie’s £200,000 dress is the third most expensive design now valued at 216,000.

Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding gown cost £11,000 back then but is now worth a whooping £151,000.

Meghan’s 2018 Givenchy gown would now be worth £120,000.

However, the most expensive royal dress of all time was worn by Queen Letizia of Spain.

The Spanish donned a beautiful dress by designer Manuel Pertegaz.

The wedding gown reportedly cost £6million.

One of the reasons why the design was so expensive was the gold thread embroidery that was used in the silky dress.

Queen Letizia accessorised it with a diamond tiara, gifted to her by her mother-in-law Queen Sofia.

Stylist Melita Latham commented: “Thousands of hours went into making these iconic wedding dresses.

“From embroidered flowers of all 53 commonwealth countries for Meghan’s wedding dress, embellished with beads, lace and pearls, 10,000 on Princess Diana’s dress and Kate Middleton’s nine feet train.

“[And] I can’t imagine how many hours it took embroidering real gold into silk [for Queen Letizia’s dress].”

Wedding expert Zoe Burke from Hitched said: “There’s nothing like a royal wedding, and we’ve been truly blessed with some incredible ones in the past 70 years.

“It’s amazing to think that the Queen paid for her iconic (and now super-costly) wedding dress with her rationing coupons – it was a pretty savvy investment.

“Royal wedding spend has increased vastly during the Queen’s reign, as these events become country-wide celebrations with high expectations.

“The impact of a royal wedding cannot be underestimated though – we’re still seeing echoes of royal brides from days gone by in wedding fashion today, with puff sleeves, flounced full skirts, and sumptuous satin fabrics all over the bridal runways this year, proving that those royal dresses truly were a timeless investment.”

Most expensive dress worn by British royal:

The Queen – cost of dress: £30,000 – currently valued at: £1,200,000

Kate Middleton – cost of dress: £250,000 – currently valued at: £325,000

Princess Eugenie – cost of dress: £200,000 – currently valued at: £216,000

Lady Diana Spencer – cost of dress: £11,000 – currently valued at: £151,000

Meghan Markle – cost of dress: £110,000 – currently valued at: £120,000

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