Teen’s home tour goes viral as she reveals her family lives in a ‘village’ of 7 houses – each with their own tiny home

Teen’s home tour goes viral as she reveals her family lives in a ‘village’ of 7 houses – each with their own tiny home

February 10, 2021

A TEENAGER has revealed that her family all live in their own homes in a “tiny village of seven houses”. 

Lennox Brinks, 19, from Kentucky, has racked up over half a million followers on TikTok thanks to her family’s rather unusual living situation. 

Lennox, who posts under @tinyvillagegirl, recently shared an updated village tour, where she showed how she lives in a mini home by herself. 

The Brinks family has separate little buildings for Lennox, her brother Brodey, 17, the parents, the office, the barn and the pool house. 

And she also revealed she has to nip out in the cold to the bathroom hut when nature calls. 

Student Lennox said she has lived alone in her 10 x 16-square-foot house for the last five years, so is quite used to living by herself. 

Her parents, Keli and Ryan, created the village after moving from Michigan to make a different kind of lifestyle on the plot of land. 

Instead of building a big home on the spot, they decided they wanted to downsize and try and live more environmentally sustainably. 

They approached a local shed manufacturing business, and it took a year and a half to get all the homes ready for them to move in.

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Lennox said to DailyMail.com: “We bought the houses, and then my dad insulated them and painted them.”

She has done a tour for her fans around her own pad, which has one downstairs living room, with her bed up in the loft. 

Her younger brother Brodey also has a similar set-up. 

She added: “It’s funny because people always think that because I live in my own house that I don’t see my family as much, but it’s no different from a regular house. 

“We hang out all the time outside and by the pool.

“Every time anyone comes up to visit, they [immediately] think it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s such an unusual sight but people tend to like it a lot.”

Her living situation may seem unusual but has certainly racked up thousands of fans. 

One raved: “My problems solved, I will just build separate homes for my kids.”

Another added: “I would just not go to the bathroom in the night.”

A third said: “Me and my friends wanna do something like this when we get out of high school.”

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