Super Bowl 2020: Look out for Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s game-day outfit

Super Bowl 2020: Look out for Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s game-day outfit

January 28, 2020

Over the past two seasons, the NFL has increasingly become known for its game-day parade of well-dressed players.

Like the NBA before it, the league’s superstars have turned the walk into the stadium or off the team plane into their personal runway shows.

And come Super Bowl Sunday, one of the league’s boldest fashionistos will surely be making an entrance: the Chiefs’ charismatic tight end Travis Kelce.

The 30-year-old consistently struts into game day like he was drunk on RuPaul’s anthem “Supermodel (You Better Work).” In Instagram videos that he edits to be in slo-mo, he strolls seriously past port-a-potties and stadium security guards clad in thousands of dollars’ worth of designer duds. The videos earn him hundreds of thousands of likes.

His girlfriend, sports media personality Kayla Nicole Brown, tells The Post in an e-mail that unlike most fashion-conscious athletes, he does not work with a stylist.

He curates his looks himself “and takes pride in his self-expression,” she writes.

That’s no small feat for a man who stands 6-foot-5, weighs 260 pounds and isn’t likely to find off-the-rack clothing to fit his robust frame.

One of his go-to designers is Mike Amiri, beloved by rock stars including Axl Rose and Steven Tyler.

“I really appreciate the American designers and the bar that they have set for the future of fashion. Amiri has made jeans that are slim-fitting but stretchy and comfortable, unlike the past,” Kelce told Sports Illustrated in their Most Stylish Athletes issue in July. “Plus, they make a 38-inch waist so I can actually fit in them, whereas most top designers stop at a 36.”

In December, he paired a shearling coat with the brand’s ripped patchwork jeans, which retail for $1,590.

He’s also a fan of the tiger motif. Last month, he sported a $640 Kenzo sweater featuring a fierce jungle cat underneath a slim-fit cobalt suit, while in March, he emerged from a plane in a bright orange crew neck bedecked with a roaring beast.

In 2018, he launched his own clothing line, Tru Kolors. And last summer, he air-kissed his way through Paris fashion week, where he chatted with designer Thom Browne and posed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Givenchy.

His flamboyant approach can be chalked up to his biggest inspirations: former Dallas Cowboy Deion “Prime Time” Sanders and pro wrestler Ric Flair, who was a fan of outlandish bedazzled get-ups in the ring.

“Both had the fun personality to go with infamous style, which attracted me at a young age,” Kelce told SI. Sanders’ motto “You look good, you play good” and Flair’s “Stylin’ and profilin’,” Kelce said, “really resonate with me when I think of why I dress the way I do.”

Kelce won’t be the only gridiron warrior bringing the heat on Sunday. The 49ers’ wide receiver Deebo Samuel favors game-day animal prints and high-end logos. In November, the 24-year-old even wore a helmet with a tinted visor that had the Louis Vuitton logo on it during his pregame workout.
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