Sophie Wessex showed ‘concern’ for ‘tearful’ Prince Edward & gave signs of ‘emotional distress’, says body language pro | The Sun

Sophie Wessex showed ‘concern’ for ‘tearful’ Prince Edward & gave signs of ‘emotional distress’, says body language pro | The Sun

September 19, 2022

THE Queen’s funeral has been an emotional day for millions, from those watching on TV to the Royal Family members paying their respects.

At Westminster Abbey, the Queen’s son Prince Edward appeared tearful, and a body language expert said his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex showed “distress.”

Judi told Fabulous: “The Queen’s youngest son and his wife Sophie appeared to be the most tearful of all the mourners during the service. 

“While Charles dabbed at his nose with one gloved hand outside the service and dabbed at his clearly reddened eyes inside and while Zara and Harry were seen wiping away tears, Edward spend a long time unfolding a very large white hankie to blow his nose and wipe his face. 

“Sophie watched with an expression of concern, herself clutching a hankie in one hand that she had been dabbing her tears with. 

“Her checking of her skirt and her frequent movements of her handbag from lap to side to floor and back again signalled the emotional distress she is still suffering.”

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As Edward – the youngest child of the Queen and Prince Philip – struggled to hold back his tears, his wife got out a tissue and handed it to him.

He was then seen blowing his nose on the tissue, before handing it back to Sophie, who put it into her bag.

Sophie was also seen wiping her own eyes with a tissue.

People took to social media to weigh in on the emotional moment, with one tweeting: "Prince Edward blowing his nose and Sophie putting the tissue in her purse is the most mum and dad thing I’ve ever seen these people do."

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"Edward and Sophie reaching for the Kleenex," another wrote, alongside a heartbroken emoji.

It comes as…

  • Solemn King Charles leads the Royal Family in an emotional procession behind the Queen's coffin
  • Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince George, 9, arrived at Westminster Abbey with mum Kate Middleton
  • Meghan Markle bowed her head as she joined the Royals
  • Prince Andrew wore a suit after being banned from his military uniform
  • Two thousand mourners including world leaders gathered for the funeral

Prince Harry was also spotted with his eyes cast down to the floor gathering himself as he stood next to his brother in the procession.

The King's youngest son had his mouth turned down as he collected his thoughts on the solemn occasion.

Meanwhile his wife, Meghan Markle, was photographed as she wiped a tear away from under her eye as she left the service.

The Duchess of Sussex's lip quivered as she stood beside Prince Harry at Wellington Arch.

She wiped back tears after the afternoon's sorrowful funeral service where she and Harry earlier appeared to hold hands.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemed to comfort each other after they sat in the second row for the sorrowful ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

Prince Andrew, who attended the event in a suit rather than his military regalia, was also visibly emotional during the proceedings.

While Princess Anne was pictured giving King Charles a concerned look as the two mourned their mother's passing.

Royal fans have praised Sophie, Countess of Wessex, after spotting a sweet moment when she comforted Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Queen’s funeral.

The wife of Prince Edward, 57, was seen placing a reassuring arm around future King Prince George’s shoulders at Westminster Abbey.

One fan took to Twitter saying: “Sophie, Countess of Wessex puts an arm around Prince George. Just lovely.”

Another added: “Countess of Wessex with Prince George of Wales, I Love.”

In moving scenes, George, nine, and Charlotte, seven, looked solemn as they walked alongside their parents into Westminster Abbey.

Kate was seen reassuring Prince George and Charlotte with a single protective gesture.

The children, who are the youngest mourners at their great-grandmother's state funeral today, stood and sung hymns with the 2,000 strong congregation.

Their late inclusion is believed to be the idea of parents Prince William and Kate who believed it important they attend the historic occasion.

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The Queen’s funeral was a solemn affair, with state dignitaries and remarkable people paying their respects from all over the world.

But none of the mourners captured the nation's grief like the Royal Family themselves, who aside from losing a much loved leader, also lost a mother, grandmother or even great-grandmother.

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