Savvy money saver shows how to create your own glass candle holders just for £2 & it’s the perfect Christmas centrepiece

Savvy money saver shows how to create your own glass candle holders just for £2 & it’s the perfect Christmas centrepiece

December 18, 2021

GETTING creative at Christmas time can help save a fortune. 

Spending money on things that are only used around the festive season can feel painful too. 

But this savvy money saver has come to the rescue, and is showing us how to create our own glass candle holders – which are perfect for Christmas centrepieces too. 

The woman, who goes by the name of craftygirl on TikTok, revealed you only need a gin glass, and candle holder which can both be bought from Poundland. 

The rest are from usual household crafts you may have lying around the house. 

Firstly, she gets the gin glass, and wraps it in a thick towel and then carefully uses a hammer to smash the stem of the glass. 


Make sure it is wrapped in the towel before doing this. 

She then puts the broken stem to the side, gets some super glue and squeezes it around the centre of the candle holder. 

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The woman then places the bowel of the gin glass on top of the candle holder, and sticks it down. 

Carefully grabbing some scissors, she cuts up some sparkling sticky back paper and cuts a thin strip from it. 

She then sticks it around the rim of the glass, where it meets the candle holder and then it is finished. 

Then she places the battery powered candle inside it, and it looks like a glass candle holder bought from the shop.

However, she does warn in her comments section that it is best to use a battery powered candle, instead of a wax candle, because to prevent the glass from smashing. 

And people were quick to comment, with one writing: “Great idea especially if you have a glass that broke already.” 

Another said: “Lovely ideas that actually look achievable for many.”

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