Read the kids a Paul McKenna bedtime story to make them happy & confident

Read the kids a Paul McKenna bedtime story to make them happy & confident

October 26, 2020

PARENTS make the greatest hypnotherapists, according to Paul McKenna – and bedtime is the perfect time to use these skills to help your children.

Hypnosis expert Paul, 56, who has written The Child Positivity Bedtime Story to help children be more confident, says: “A good bedtime story has immense power and can positively shape a child’s character.

“My quest is to give parents the power to instill all kinds of positivity in their children about being happy, healthy, intelligent, confident and motivated.

“And at the time of falling asleep, you have a ‘window  of suggestibility’ which can  positively influence your child.”

Here, Paul – who is working on a series of children’s books to build confidence and happiness – shares a story he wrote with wife Kate.

Emphasise words in bold and say them slightly slower.

The boy with the wizard grandad

ONCE upon a time, there was a child who was, in many ways, just like you, living in a house surrounded by a loving family and everything was just fine, except…

One day, the child was feeling a bit down. Sometimes it seemed that other children were better, or just had more things…

So, Mum said, “Why don’t you go to see Grandpa? He always makes you feel good.”

When the child arrived at Grandpa’s, Grandpa was just making a cup of tea.

“What’s up?” asked Grandpa and the child said, “I’m upset because I just feel like the other kids all seem better than me and that they don’t like me.”

“Well, I do, Mummy loves you and Patchy The Cat loves you! Why don’t we stop and take a moment now to think of three people who love you right now?

And, after the child had thought of three people, the child began to feel how it feels to feel loved and the feeling stayed…

Then, Grandpa said to the child, “We all make pictures in our heads all day long – think of an elephant – you can picture it, can’t you?

"That means, if you are ever feeling unhappy, it’s just the things you are thinking about, the pictures you are making in your head and you can always change them and put happy pictures in their place.

And suddenly the child started to think about all the things that make you feel good and started to question, ‘What do I love to do?’

Then, Grandpa said, “Let’s see if we can find Patchy Cat,” and with that, they went out into the garden to see where he was.

“Ah, I think he might be in my shed.”

Once inside the shed, Grandpa started to sparkle with a magic glow

He stood up a bit straighter, then, suddenly went through the most amazing transformation!

His walking stick changed as well, getting longer and turning gold – it started to look a bit like a magic wand – surely, it couldn’t be?

But, yes, there it was, right in front of the child’s eyes, just like magic, except it was real magic!

The child realized that Grandpa was a secret wizard!

And, even though, the child didn’t know how it worked, the child certainly believed in Grandpa and in magic, just like Grandpa believed in himself.

The child said, “I wish I was amazing like you, Grandpa.”

And Grandpa said, “Whatever happens, deep down, you know, you will always be good enough as you are.”

“Look at Patchy The Cat,” he gently whispered, “He used to get bullied because the other cats didn’t think he looked good enough to be a wizard’s cat and that’s where they were wrong. This is what I told him to do.”

“I want you now to imagine a more confident, stronger, better ‘you’ now…

"Take all the time you need to notice how this more confident ‘you’ stands…?

"Smiles…? Deals with difficult times…?

"Notice that others like and are kind to you – even though not everyone is your friend, people like you and you are always strong, whatever happens, you are always good enough.”

“Now, step into that more confident ‘you’ in your imagination and see through the eyes of your more confident self, hear through the ears of your more confident self and feel how good you feel…

"Stand the way that more confident ‘you’ stands and imagine standing, sitting and feeling this strength all the time. And now imagine being in all the situations that you need more confidence in and notice that no matter what happens, you look good and feel in control…”

Grandpa said, “In future, make big, bright pictures in your mind of all your friends, things you are looking forward to, people you love and times you felt really good.”

And so the child drifted off deeply to sleep, listening to Grandpa’s voice, knowing that all is well, all is well, all is well…and the child felt a sweet soft feeling of relaxation and thoughts slowed down and the child fell deep to sleep…

Story by Kate and Paul McKenna

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