Queen Elizabeth news: Jamaica ‘already started’ plans to remove Monarch as head of state 'as Kate & Wills get on plane'

Queen Elizabeth news: Jamaica ‘already started’ plans to remove Monarch as head of state 'as Kate & Wills get on plane'

March 23, 2022

JAMAICA has started with plans to remove The Queen as head of state there, with a senior official in Kingston tasked with the job.

The country is seeking to join fellow islanders in Barbados in doing so, as British imperialism loses its grip on former colonies.

According to reports, this will happen as soon a The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge complete their Caribbean tour, and are on the plane back home.

It comes after Kate Middleton and Prince William were accused of benefiting from the 'blood, tears and sweat' of slaves as they arrived in Jamaica on Tuesday.

The royal couple were met by a protest calling for reparations from the British monarchy before their arrival.

Senior figures from within the Jamaican community, including business leaders, medics, musicians and politicians have written an open letter to the Due and Duchess of Cambridge.

Speaking to The Independent, one government official said the matter of decoupling had been discussed at the “highest levels.”

Another source said: “The government has had to start the process; the road to becoming a republic is not an easy one but they have long been coming under significant pressure to do it.”

However, the move has seen some Jamaicans suggest there is little confidence the island will become a republic.

A campaigner said: “I doubt the government will move quickly the prime minister just accepted the position on her Majesty's Privy Council.”

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  • Milica Cosic

    Jamaican uproar in response to William and Kate’s Caribbean tour

    This year, Jamaica celebrates 60 years of Independence from British colonisers.

    It’s said that a protest will be staged in Jamaica today by a group named the Advocates Network, as the Duke and Duchess land in the country.

    A local human rights activist who is said to be joining the protest today, Kay Osborne, said “We do not welcome Kate and William. We do not want them here.

    “We reject the photo ops that will be staged here for the UK’s consumption.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Why have Kate and William gone to the Caribbean?

    This week, Kate and William have set off for the Caribbean to represent the Queen as she celebrates her platinum jubilee year.

    Many former British colonies have been left scratching their heads wondering why Kate and William have ventured to countries representing a monarch who no longer reigns there.

    As members of the commonwealth, countries such as Jamaica might argue that the wealth was less than common.

    In an open letter to William and Kate from Jamaica, it is stated: “We see no reason to celebrate 70 years of the ascension of your grandmother to the British throne.

    “Her ascension to the throne, in February 1952, took place 14 years after the 1938 labour uprisings against inhumane working/living conditions and treatment of workers; painful legacies of plantation slavery, which persist today.

    “You, who may one day lead the British Monarchy, are direct beneficiaries of the wealth accumulated by the Royal family over centuries, including that stemming from the trafficking and enslavement of Africans.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Open letter to Kate and William from Jamaica refusing to celebrate the Queen’s 70 year reign as monarch

    William is addressed as heir to the throne, and therefore in a unique position to make changes.

    Jamaica gained independence from British colonial rule 60 years ago. And last year saw Barbados remove the Queen as their ceremonial head of state after 55 years of independence.

    As more countries make plans and discuss the removal of the Queen as their head of state and gain full independence, many wonder why Kate and William are doing a tour of the Caribbean.

    Addressing William directly the letter states, “You, who may one day lead the British Monarchy, are direct beneficiaries of the wealth accumulated from the traffic and enslavement of Africans.

    “You have the unique opportunity to redefine the relationship between the British Monarchy and the people of Jamaica

    “We urge you to start with an apology.”

  • Milica Cosic

    Princess Eugenie to launch podcast

    The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew is set to launch a podcast talking about modern-day slavery…including sex trafficking.

    Eugenie is known to be very close with her cousin Harry who, despite not having done anything comparable to what Prince Andrew has been accused of, has been subject to societal judgement in the last few years.

    The princess, however supportive of her older cousin, appears to be keeping her distance from her father.

    It’s said she did not see her father for a full month after he settled the Virginia Giuffre case.

    The distance seems to have grown further as she sets about launching a podcast to discuss modern day slavery, including sex trafficking – something that Prince Andrew has denied having anything to do with.

  • Milica Cosic

    Camilla struggles with ‘long Covid’ ahead of Prince Phillip memorial service

    Camilla joked about the loss of her voice during her audience at Clarence House, but it’s really no joke.

    During her audience held at Clarence House for International Women’s Day, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, joked about losing her voice.

    She suggested that Emerald Fennell, the multi-award winning TV and film star who portrays Camilla in The Crown, could stand in for her if necessary.

    Since then speculation has mounted over the Royal’s health as she was forced to cancel a visit to the Cheltenham Festival last week.

  • Milica Cosic

    Dismay as Prince Andrew is seen laughing and smiling around Windsor

    The Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, has been embroiled in scandal for years over sexual assault claims.

    The Prince who still holds the title, ‘Duke of York’ despite calls from residents in the region for it to be removed as they would rather not be associated with him, was allegedly close friends with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    Virginia Giuffre alleged the prince sexually assaulted her.

    Though he claims he never met her, cannot sweat and was in Pizza Express in Woking on one of the dates mentioned, he settled out of court.

    Though he is yet to be seen at any official engagements since then, it’s said that he will attend the memorial service for his father to mark a year since his passing.

  • Milica Cosic

    Queen hopes to attend Philip's memorial in one week's time

    In just a week's time, the Queen is hoping to attend the Duke of Edinburgh's memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

    The Queen and Philip's second son the Duke of York is planning to be present, despite Andrew paying millions earlier this month to settle in a civil sexual assault case out of court.

    Large numbers of the royal family are set to gather next Tuesday, alongside Philip's friends, colleagues, representatives of organisations he supported and foreign royals to pay tribute to the 99-year-old duke who died in April last year.

    Last week, the head of state missed the Commonwealth Day service at the abbey, a decision understood to be related to her comfort rather than a specific illness.

    But she has continued with light duties including some face-to-face audiences.

  • Milica Cosic

    William & Kate clim Mayan ruins of Caracol

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in matching green, kicked off the third day of their Caribbean tour yesterday, climbing the Mayan ruins of Caracol.

    Kate, 40, led the way up the steep steps flanking the spectacular 43-metre structure, dubbed the Sky Palace, in the heart of the Belizian jungle.

    Taking in the breathtaking views, Kate mouthed "wow" as she and William, 39, stood on the archaeological site, which their tour guide compared to Buckingham Palace.

    The couple posed half way up on a plateau, reminding onlookers of their 2012 wedding, when they kissed on the Palace balcony.

    Archaeologist Allan Moore told them: "What you are seeing is the Buckingham Palace of its day. Three thousand years ago this would have seemed very modern."

    The stunning relic is still the tallest man-made structure in Belize and was where the ancient Mayans placed their rulers at the top of their known world.

  • Milica Cosic

    Duke of Edinburgh shows off survival skills in Belize

    The Duke of Cambridge declared "Ray Mears eat your heart out" as he brushed up on his jungle survival skills in Belize and drank rainwater from a vine.

    William was just 18 when he was taught the essential techniques by the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB) in Belize at the start of his gap year in 2000.

    He was reunited with his former Sandhurst sergeant major who now runs the jungle unit, and the officer described the future king – who turns 40 this year – as having "aged gracefully".

    The duke and duchess spent more than 90 minutes on a crash-course version of the survival techniques taught to British soldiers who spend six to eight weeks in that Belize jungle.

    Arriving at the BATSUB HQ, dubbed "The Schoolhouse", the couple were briefed on the five main pillars of survival in the environment – cooking, animal traps, shelters, water capture and fire.

    William and Kate were shown how to boil water using a plastic bottle dangling over a fire, fashion bamboo to use as a pressure cooker and make a bamboo spear to trap and kill monkeys and birds to eat.

    Looking at a guillotine styled trap, suspended five metres in the air from a tree, William turned to the press gathered to the side of the contraption and joked: "Ah, it could trap the media," as Kate burst into laughter.

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