Queen Elizabeth news – Disgraced Prince Andrew seen for 1st time after settlement as monarch hosts two virtual audiences

Queen Elizabeth news – Disgraced Prince Andrew seen for 1st time after settlement as monarch hosts two virtual audiences

March 8, 2022

PRINCE Andrew was today seen for the first time since his court bombshell – and has paid up his £7m settlement with Virginia Roberts.

Court documents show the case has now been officially dismissed by the judge – meaning the Duke of York has handed over the cash.

It is understood Andrew's brother Charles, 73, is stumping up most of the agreed £7million with the Queen also chipping in — but no public cash is being used.

The Queen has continued with her run of official duties this week, holding two virtual audiences at Windsor Castle.

The monarch greeted the High Commissioner of India and the Ambassador of Armenia, who spoke to her via video-link from Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Wearing a vibrant orange dress, the 95-year-old head of state chatted to the diplomats as they presented their credentials.

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Queen held first in person engagement yesterday

    On Monday, the Queen held her first in-person engagement since catching Covid, meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Mr Trudeau said at a Downing Street press conference afterwards that the monarch was "as insightful and perspicacious as ever".

    He later tweeted: "It's always wonderful to see Queen Elizabeth II.

    "When we met at Windsor Castle, we spoke about a wide range of issues – including global affairs, the situation in Ukraine, and Her Majesty's lifetime of service to Canada and the Commonwealth."

    A photograph taken during the audience at Windsor featured a large bouquet of blue and yellow flowers, the colours of the Ukrainian flag, behind the Queen and Mr Trudeau.

    The gesture was seen as a symbol of the Queen's support for the people of Ukraine.

  • Joseph Gamp

     Andrew spotted for first time since paying ‘£12million’ settlement

    PRINCE Andrew was today seen for the first time since settling his sex abuse lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre.

    The disgraced Duke of York was seen driving his Range Rover through Windsor this morning – almost a month after he was spared a humiliating court battle.

    Andrew, 62, was on a collision course with Ms Giuffre over claims he raped and abused her when she was 17.

    He had faced a gruelling legal clash which will now never take place after the case was settled financially.

    The duke has vehemently denied all claims against him and the sum of money agreed between the two parties may never be released.

    It is believed, however, to be as much as £12million.

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    Spain's former King Juan Carlos to remain in self imposed exile in Abu Dhabi

    Spain's former King Juan Carlos said he will stay in Abu Dhabi despite the closure of investigations into his financial dealings that led to his self-imposed exile in the UAE, the Spanish royal family said on Monday.

    "For now, I prefer for personal reasons which concern nobody but myself, to continue residing in a permanent and stable manner in Abu Dhabi," Juan Carlos wrote to his son, Spain's reigning monarch Felipe VI, in a letter published by the royal family.

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    Prince’s Harry and Meghan anguish exposed

    According to a royal expert, Prince William was left at his “lowest point” following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the Firm.

    Royal author Robert Hardman, said that the Oprah interview in particular impacted Harry’s older brother, William.

    In an extract of his new book, ‘Queen Of Our Times: The Life Of Elizabeth II’ ​​published by Macmillan on March 17, Mr Hardman wrote: “For Prince William, there was the added anguish of seeing the younger brother whom he had protected (and who had idolised him) now throwing incendiary and, in some cases, unanswerable charges into the public domain, fully aware of their likely impact.

    “Since the Oprah interview, the brothers have only met twice — at Prince Philip’s funeral and at the unveiling of the statue of their mother at Kensington Palace.”

  • Louis Allwood

    ‘Windsor is the place the Queen loves’

    Following the reports that The Queen has decided to leave Buckingham Palace for good, a royal expert has said that this moves ‘makes sense’.

    Royal author Hugo Vickers told The Sunday Times: “Windsor is the place she loves. She has her memories with Prince Philip there, she has her ponies there and family nearby. It makes sense.”

    Before Prince Philip’s death, the monarch spent a large portion of the coronavirus lockdown at Windsor Castle with him there.

    Sources claim the couple “rediscovered the happiness of their early years together” during this time.

  • Louis Allwood

    ‘It was him who taught her how to take photographs’

    It has been reported that The Duchess of Cambridge had learnt how to take good photographs from her grandfather.

    She learned to take pictures when she was a girl and regularly visited her grandfather, Peter Middleton.

    Kate, 40, has become an accomplished photographer and taken control of her family’s image to a new level.

    Claudia Acott Williams, curator at Historic Royal Palaces, said: “Her grandfather was a very good photographer. When she was a child, he would show her his slides. It was him who taught her how to take photographs.”

  • Louis Allwood

    New misery for the Queen

    THE Queen faces new Prince Andrew sex allegations torment.

    Her son’s accuser, Virginia Giuffre, has been invited to speak at the sentencing of his sex trafficker pal Ghislaine Maxwell.

    The hearing in New York on June 28 threatens to cast a cloud over Platinum Jubilee celebrations that month.

    Last month, Ms Giuffre and Andrew settled out of court on her civil claim that they had sex when she was 17.

    Under the deal’s terms the mum of three, now 38, is said to have agreed to keep quiet until after the jubilee.

    A legal source said: “Maxwell’s sentencing could be the first time we hear from Virginia since the settlement.

    “It will bring the whole affair with Andrew back up again just as he hopes to move on.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Future of Buckingham Palace

    It is thought future king Charles will take up residence in Buckingham Palace, despite being known to prefer living in Clarence House.

    The Prince of Wales is said to be keen that his mother’s home remains as “monarchy HQ” when he takes over.

    He also plans to allow greater access for the public at Buckingham Palace and other properties as he heads a new era for the royals.

  • Louis Allwood

    Prince William faced ‘added anguish’ after Harry & Meg’s tell-all interview

    The Sussexes Oprah Winfrey interview shook the royal family but caused ‘added anguish’ to Harry’s brother Prince William.

    According to royal author Robert Hardman, the interview particularly impacted Harry’s older brother William.

    In an extract of his new book, ‘Queen Of Our Times: The Life Of Elizabeth II’ Mr Hardman wrote: “For Prince William, there was the added anguish of seeing the younger brother whom he had protected (and who had idolised him) now throwing incendiary and, in some cases, unanswerable charges into the public domain, fully aware of their likely impact.

    “‘William,’ says one friend, ‘was as low as I’d ever seen him.’”

    “Since the Oprah interview, the brothers have only met twice — at Prince Philip’s funeral and at the unveiling of the statue of their mother at Kensington Palace.”

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    Queen welcomes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to Windsor 

    THE Queen welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister to Windsor for her first in-person event since she caught Covid.

    Her Majesty held an audience with Justin Trudeau, who was pictured shaking her hand in Windsor Castle, Berks.

    Mr Trudeau is in the UK to discuss the war in Ukraine with Boris Johnson and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

    The monarch, who is also Queen of Canada, was pictured in a patterned dress, standing and smiling warmly at Mr Trudeau as he held her right hand in both of his.

    Mr Trudeau was also seen laughing as the Queen gestured towards herself during the meeting in the Oak Room sitting room.

    The head of state was not pictured with the walking stick she has been using of late.

    As a young child in the 1970s, Mr Trudeau met the Queen several times through his father, Pierre Trudeau, who was one of Canada’s longest-serving prime ministers.

    The Queen went back to work last week after being Covid.

  • Louis Allwood

    Queen has returned to in-person duties after Covid bout

    She had previously been forced to pull out of several engagements due to “mild cold-like symptoms”.

    But the hardworking monarch continued with “light duties” such as paperwork while isolating at Windsor Castle.

    Prince Charles last week said she was “a lot better” when he visited Southend, Essex.

    Her diagnosis came after she had been in direct contact with Charles, two days before he tested positive.

    It is believed she spent time with her son when he hosted an investiture at the castle – the first time they had met face-to-face since Christmas.

    Camilla too was later struck down with the virus, though both reported mild symptoms.

    Sources claim coronavirus has swept through staff at Windsor, with “a number of cases” in workers based at the castle.

    It is understood the Queen, who is just weeks away from her 96th birthday, is tested every day by royal doctors.

  • Louis Allwood

    Harry may face Meghan Markle’s rage as he attends Texas rodeo

    PRINCE Harry has faced the wrath of his animal loving wife by attending a Texas rodeo.

    The Duke of Sussex, 37, was pictured in a cowboy hat as he chatted to crowds at the Stockyards Rodeo event in Fort Worth on Saturday.

    He is understood to have been without Meghan Markle, 40, at the event.

    Animal rights groups have slammed rodeos in the past due to their treatment of horses.

    The animals are forced to perform and can often suffer fatal injuries – including heart attacks, broken necks and even aneurysms.

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    Queen ‘terrified’ over the line of succession being broken

    THE Queen is “terrified” over the line of succession being broken, a source has claimed.

    Her Majesty has reportedly urged Prince William not to fly with his family in helicopters over fears it could damage the line of succession. 

    The monarch is said to be “terrified” disaster could strike, according to a source close to the Queen.

    The source said: “Her Majesty has told close friends and courtiers that she would like William to stop flying himself, particularly in bad weather, as helicopters are not the safest form of transport. It keeps the Queen awake at night and she is understandably very worried.”

    Meanwhile, a source has also claimed Charles will have a “slimmed down coronation” when he takes the throne.

    “The source said: ‘It will be a slimmed-down Monarchy on display throughout. I wouldn’t be surprised to see just Charles and Camilla, Kate and William and their children on the Buckingham Palace balcony afterwards’.”

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    Latest Jubilee news

    The Prince of Wales welcomed a new addition to the Queens Green Canopy yesterday.

    Prince Charles visited the Poppy Legion Centenary Woodland in Newquay to dedicate the woodland to the initiative, which commemorates The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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    ‘Kate’s hair seems to be remarkably well-behaved’

    Body language expert Judi James revealed to the Express that Kate regularly touches and adjusts her hair.

    She said: “Kate’s hair seems to be remarkably well-behaved with few if any photos of it doing anything much more than a little temporary rippling in even high winds. 

    “While other royals who prefer to wear their hair long tend to bow to the inevitable, like Princess Anne whose hair is rarely seen falling free in public and always swept up in a French pleat. 

    “Or Meghan, who opted for a loose bun with flying tendrils when the weather threatened to wreak havoc with her beautiful longer styles during royal visits, and even Sophie, who tends to limit the length of her hair to something more manageable and tie it back for many of her outdoor appearances.

    “Kate resolutely looks as though she is the star of a shampoo ad though, even in inclement weather, and without any obvious appearance of heavy-duty products or sprays.” 

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    Majority of the Royal Family still not met Lilibet in person

    Meghan was pregnant with daughter Lilibet when she spoke with Oprah, announcing during the chat that she and Harry would be having a baby girl.

    But despite being born in June last year, the majority of the Royal Family is yet to meet the Queen’s namesake, Lilibet Diana, in person.

    While senior royals have reportedly cooed over Lili from across the pond on video calls, Princess Eugenie is likely to have been the first to meet her properly.

    The royal recently visited the Sussexes in the US and was snapped enjoying the Super Bowl with Harry in a private box at LA’s SoFi Stadium.

    It has not yet been confirmed whether Harry and Meghan will bring their children to the UK to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee this year.

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    Harry & Meghan advised to ditch attention-seeking stunts

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been urged to only return to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee if they can “keep it quiet”, a royal expert has said.

    Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed it would “probably be better” if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not return, saying that it would “steal” attention from her.

    Speaking to Us Weekly’s Royally Us, Mr Sacerdoti said: “I don’t personally imagine Meghan coming to the UK very easily.

    “She may prove me wrong but people here have such a low opinion of her if not of both of them these days that I think she would be very brave to come back to the UK.

    “But I do still say that if they could come back and if they could not be front and centre, keep it quiet but just come back to help celebrate not just for the Queen but for the whole country then that will probably be very nice and it might rehabilitate them somewhat towards the British people.

    “I don’t really think that’s their style anymore.

    “They don’t like to do things quietly, they don’t like someone else to be the centre of attention when they’re around and I think that where Harry and Meghan go, it’s the Harry and Meghan show.”

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