‘Push presents’ worth thousands William bought Kate after she gave birth to their children

‘Push presents’ worth thousands William bought Kate after she gave birth to their children

July 21, 2020

Push presents are given as gifts generally by partners to their other halves after they have had a baby. It’s a nice gesture to mark the occasion of a new baby and also acknowledge childbearing and childbirth, the burdens that go along with it and the gratitude they feel to their partner for bringing their child into the world.


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Push presents are not quite a tradition, but they are becoming a more and more popular practice.

It seems to be something the Cambridges have taken into their family tradition.

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier told The Sun push presents have “become a tradition in the Royal Family.”

Prince William is thought to have given a push present to Kate on the birth of their children.

So, what gifts did the romantic Duke of Cambridge give his wife?

When Prince George was born in 2013, William reportedly gave Kate a limited edition teddybear from Harrods, marking the year.

It has also been claimed he gave Kate a pendant with their new baby’s full name on it, “George Alexander Louis” and a 0.23 carat diamond and 18ct white gold white gold ring from Annoushka, which costs £1,200.

After Princess Charlotte was born Kate was seen wearing a pair of earrings by one of her favourite jewellery designers, Kiki McDonough. They are the green amethysts and green tourmaline earrings, thought to also be a push present.

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Prince Harry, too, gave his wife a push present.

Made with jeweller Lorraine Schwartz, the ring has a green emerald in it, to represent Archie’s birth month.

It’s not known exactly how much Harry spent on Meghan’s ring, as it was a bespoke creation.

However, Schwartz is known to have created Beyonce’s engagement ring, which cost a whopping £3.9m.


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Prince William also gave Kate a gorgeous gift to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple. 

It was another Kiki McDonough pair of earrings, showing the prince knows that his wife likes.

The pieces are the classic green amethyst and diamond oval earrings in yellow gold.

Currently out of stock, the earrings cost £2,600.

In fact, Kate has a collections from the jewellery designer worth almost £47k.

Last year Kate wowed at Buckingham Palace wearing a mysterious collection of jewellery.

Fans clamoured to know more about the gems and where they were from.

Kate Middleton wore a stunning set of earrings and a new ring for a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace in late 2019. 

However, the pieces were eventually identified as being part of the Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure.

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