Professional cleaner reveals how to clean your phone when the speaker isn’t working – and it should be done every day

Professional cleaner reveals how to clean your phone when the speaker isn’t working – and it should be done every day

December 9, 2020

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed how best to clean your phone when the speaker stops working, and why you should be doing it every single day.

Kacie, from Melbourne, who runs The Big Clean Co, demonstrated the foolproof way to clean your device and says rubbing alcohol is the answer.

In a clip on TikTok, the cleaner uses alcohol spray, a small brush and a microfibre cloth to rid her phone of germs, which also helps the speaker function better.

She wrote: "If the speaker on your phone isn't working well, this is how you clean it."

Explaining how it's done, she said: "Get some rubbing alcohol, spray it on a brush (I use Sabco) and brush it."

The cleaner said you should pay particular attention to the earpiece section of the phone, as well as the tiny holes and the charging port at the bottom.

She also explained that wearing makeup everyday will leave more bacteria and germs behind, so it's important to give it the once over every single day.

Once you clean out the hard-to-reach holes, Kacie says to wipe over the entire screen and back of the phone with a microfibre cloth covered in the alcohol spray.

"Sanitise that whole little bacteria box," Kacie wrote.

The easy hack racked up more than 70k views, with many thanking her for sharing.

A fair few people admitted they've been putting off cleaning their phone, but will now after seeing the clip.

"What a coincidence. My speaker wasn't working today and now I've seen your video. Thank you," one woman posted.

Earlier this year Doctors were urging people to clean their phones every time they wash their hands, in a bid prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Medics said that wiping down smartphones will help to eliminate the thousands of germs that live on their surfaces.

And they agreed that alcohol wipes are best as they contain active ingredients that kill more than 99 per cent of bacteria.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of, told The Sun: "We know that most viruses survive much better on hard surfaces – phones and computer keyboards as well as kitchen surfaces.

"Even if nobody else is using your phone, you’re going to be touching it regularly, and if you pick it up after you wash your hands, it may still have traces of virus you put there before you washed your hands!

"So it is definitely worth wiping your phone down as much as you wash your hands.

"Gentle baby wipes are unlikely to get rid of the germs effectively. Instead, use alcohol based wipes."

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