Princess Diana would ‘hit Prince Charles over the head during his bedtime prayers’, royal biographer claims

Princess Diana would ‘hit Prince Charles over the head during his bedtime prayers’, royal biographer claims

January 16, 2019

And a royal writer has claimed that Prince Charles said his then-wife would “hit him over the head” when he said his prayers at night after they rowed.

In Sally Bedell Smith’s book, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, she said that the couple were at odds long before they separated.

The biographer said there was “nothing cozy or mutually supportive about their relationship”.

And she shockingly claims Prince Charles told his cousin Pamela Hicks that after an argument at bedtime, “Diana would hit him over the head and keep on with the row while he was praying".

Other explosive claims in the book include Diana “ridiculed Charles when he wore a uniform”, and said that he “looked ridiculous in all those medals.”

Sally wrote that Diana’s “erratic behaviour weighed heavily on Charles”, and the Princess of Wales even taunted Charles by saying “you’ll never be king”.

Diana is also said to have “banished” friends of Charles, “all of whom she [Diana] suspected of colluding with Camilla [Parker Bowles].

“She disdained them for their sycophancy toward the prince.”

Her distain for anything to do with Prince Charles’s previous life also resulted in her banishing his yellow Labrador Harvey, who was sent to live with one of the Prince’s advisors.

After Harry’s birth in September 1984, the couple were said to be sleeping in separate bedrooms, and by 1986 took separate holidays.

Charles is alleged to have told his friends “how awful incompatibility is”, and by mid-1986, he is said to have rekindled his affair with Camilla.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1992, and formally divorced in 1996.

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