Photographer shares tips for looking good in ANY photo – and how to eliminate the dreaded double chin

Photographer shares tips for looking good in ANY photo – and how to eliminate the dreaded double chin

March 3, 2021

A PHOTOGRAPHER has revealed her tips for looking your best in every single photo – and how to avoid having a double chin ever again.

Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki is determined to prove that nobody is born photogenic, but everyone can learn be with the right pose.

Bonnie shares the very simple changes that will instantly improve any photo with her Instagram followers – and they will stop you from hitting untag ever again.

From the simple lift of a leg, to changing the direction you face, anybody can perfect these stances.

Here we reveal Bonnie’s top tips for looking good in any photo…

Swimsuit shot

Rather than facing the camera straight on, Bonnie suggests getting into a kneeling pose to elongate the body.

Lean back and tilt your head up to avoid a double chin and makes the most of the natural light.

What a waist

Rather than leaning forward in the photo, Bonnie says you should be sitting up straight.

It helps to elongate the body, so try holding your hair up or raising your hands. That one move will instantly transform the snap.

Squat to it

Avoid resting your cheeks on your hands as this will cause them to splay.

Instead rest your chin on the palm of one hand allow the other to rest across the leg, helping to lengthen your body and create a more flattering silhouette.


When it comes to couple shots it can feel a little awkward, leading to photos looking a little stiff, and overly posed.

However, Bonnie says this is easily fixed, just opt for a more natural stance.

You could even pop your camera on a timer and try out a few different shots until you find one you're happy with.

Toe the line

For those of us who dread being photographed in a bikini, Bonnie suggests standing on your tiptoe.

In doing so you lengthen the body while flexing your muscles and create an interesting and flattering silhouette.

Find the pose awkward? Try turning away from the camera and act like it isn't even there.

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