‘Phoenix wearing an eagle’: Queen wears rare brooch ‘of its era’ with ‘busy floral print’

‘Phoenix wearing an eagle’: Queen wears rare brooch ‘of its era’ with ‘busy floral print’

November 18, 2021

Queen 'standing but not walking' says Witchell

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Queen Elizabeth wore a beautiful eagle-shaped brooch on November 17 at Windsor Castle. After being ordered to rest by her doctors and then spraining her back, it was great for royal fans to see the Queen back doing in-person events. Unfortunately, Her Majesty had to cancel her planned appearance at the Cenotaph on Sunday, November 14 after it was announced she had hurt her back.

Royal fans were delighted to see the Queen looking so well.

She even wore a rare brooch that has not been seen for over six decades.

On March 19, 1946, then-Princess Elizabeth launched the HMS Eagle at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard.

At a luncheon during the celebrations, Sir Frederick Rebbeck, Chairman of the Shipyard, asked the future Queen to accept a brooch as a memento of the occasion.

The memento was a diamond brooch in the form of an eagle.

The Princess replied in a speech, expressing her appreciation for the brooch, saying: “I shall always cherish as a charming and most appropriate remembrance.”

The brooch was occasionally worn in the first few years after its presentation.

For instance, in 1959, the Queen wore the brooch when visiting the HMS Eagle at Weymouth with Prince Charles on April 29.

However, the brooch never seemed to be a favourite with Her Majesty, who mostly wore the jewel at events related to the ship.

Queen Elizabeth’s wearing of the brooch on November 17 was, therefore, a rarity.

Royal fans were divided over the brooch.

Instagram user @etiquetteer1 wrote: “Delightful, and very much of its era.

“Rather lost in that busy floral print…”

Another user Manasvini Thyagarajan wrote: “A phoenix wearing an eagle brooch.”

She held a face to face audience on November 17, with General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the Defence Staff, at Windsor Castle.

The monarch, 95, was dressed in a green, orange and white floral dress and wearing a string of pearls to accompany her eagle brooch.

According to CEO of jewellery house Le Vian, Eddie LeVian, the Queen’s necklace held a lot of familial significance”.

LeVian told Express.co.uk: “Her father, King George VI, gifted her a pearl necklace before he died in 1952 and Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne the following year.

“The Queen has the original necklace from her father and several other three-strand pearl necklaces designed to emulate the original.”

She looked fantastic being able to stand in her kaleidoscopic flowery dress.

The Queen was wearing very comfy looking black, sturdy shoes, which must have helped the monarch not get tired after standing for long periods of time.

The photographs were taken in Windsor Castle’s Oak Room – a sitting room that doubles as a private office.

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