People totally divided over name of the game where you knock on a front door and run away

People totally divided over name of the game where you knock on a front door and run away

April 13, 2021

BEFORE the days of games consoles and TikTok, kids had to keep themselves occupied the old-fashioned way – i.e. running around and meeting mates outside.

And one of our all-time favourite ways to pass the time was knocking on neighbours' doors and running away.

But what did YOU call that age-old game? Because Twitter certainly decide.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @55_Tiles asked others to share what they called the game growing up – and needless to say, it sparked a fiery debate.

Although the most common answer was "Knock Down Ginger", others had always referred to it as "Knock-a-door-run".

Meanwhile, Scots were adamant that the game was called "Chickenely" or "Chappy".

One Sunderland-based user replied: "We called it Knocky Nine Doors."

Another joked: "Today it's called… Royal Mail delivery."

Meanwhile, one American user revealed how they called it "Ding, Dong, Ditch" while a South African said they'd always called it "Tok-tokkie" – inspired by a beetle which taps the floor.

Shedding light on how the name differs around the UK, a third added: "Growing up initially in the North we called it 'knock-a-door-run', pretty much does what it says on the tin.

"Then spent the latter part of my childhood in the south and for reasons which continue to bewilder me it was called 'knock-down-ginger'. Makes absolutely no sense."

How the game’s name varies in the UK:

  • Knock Out Ginger [Southern England and Wales]
  • Knock a door run (away) [Northern England]
  • Black and White Rabbit [Northern England]
  • Chicky melly/Chickenely [Scotland]
  • Chap-door-run/chappy [Scotland]
  • Knock and run
  • Knick knack [Ireland]
  • Cherry knocking
  • Ding-dong Run Along [South-East England]

Source: Wikipedia

The name Knock-Down Ginger is thought to have derived from an old English poem about the game which reads:

"Ginger, Ginger broke a winder. Hit the winda – crack!

"The baker came out to give 'im a clout. And landed on his back."

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