People think I’m a flat chested 12-year-old but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G – I just hide them

People think I’m a flat chested 12-year-old but I’m actually 21 and my boobs are 28G – I just hide them

November 26, 2021

SOME people take it as a compliment when they get told they look younger than they actually are. 

But if you’re a 21 year-old and constantly accused of looking 12, it can’t be that fun.

One TikTok user Bethany Jade, 21, has revealed that people always think she looks younger than she is.

But that’s not all…

The 21 year-old has also disclosed that not only do people think she looks young, they also think that she looks flat chested.

But in fact, Bethany manages to hide her large bust with baggy jumpers.

Bethany revealed that she is actually a bra size 28G but can hide them well with clothes. 

Bethany took to her TikTok account 'bethanylouwho2' and revealed that many people regularly ask her what bra size she is. 

She uploaded a video with the caption ‘for those asking what my bra size is’.

Bethany said: “People think I’m a flat 12 year old.

“Actually being a 28G 21 year old.”

In the video we see Bethany wearing a baggy jumper and her 28G breasts are definitely not showing. 

The video has since gone viral and has racked up a whopping 26.9million views.

The video has 2.9million likes, 10.8k comments and 8,726 shares. 


Bethany was then accused of “lying” by some TikTok viewers who couldn’t believe she had such large breasts.

She then responded back with a video showing off her natural breasts in a low-cut top. 

Bethany said “thousands of people don’t believe my body is natural.” 

Many TikTok users were shocked that Bethany is in fact 21 and shared this in the comments.

One user commented: “You look so young.”

Another added: “You do look very young. I would’ve said 14-15.” 

A third said: “You look 13 though.” 

However, one person commented: “Nobody thinks you’re twelve” to which Bethany replied: “Weird because anytime I go out in the day people ask me why I’m not in school and everyone thinks I’m too young to buy a lighter (18) and alcohol (21)”. 

Many TikTok users were also surprised at how well Bethany hides her breasts and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “You hide them really well.” 

Another added: “How do you hide them I want to do that!!” 

A third commented: ““Don’t judge a book by its cover” really used here”. 

Meanwhile, I’m so hot people accuse me of being a catfish, life is hard for beautiful people.

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