People say I look 20 years younger than I am – it helps that I refuse to ‘dress my age’ | The Sun

People say I look 20 years younger than I am – it helps that I refuse to ‘dress my age’ | The Sun

December 4, 2022

ONE woman is defying societal norms by wearing whatever she wants as she ages.

For Holly Pan, age seems to be just a number as she wows social media users with her stylish, youthful appearance.

"What people expect you to look like at 50," Pan wrote in a TikTok video.

The fashionista sported a look that she felt society deemed typical for the average 50-year-old.

She had on glasses and paired a long-sleeved black top with chocolate brown cargo pants.

Pan then transitioned to the next clip, which displayed exactly how youthful she dresses for her age.

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"Sorry to disappoint," she wrote.

A complete picture of youth, she sported a black halter top with a cutout in the chest, tucked into striped navy blue wide-legged pants.

A Chanel belt, fierce black platform heels, and a jewel-adorned pink mini bag tied the look together, Pan looking incredibly elegant and put together.

People in the comments section of her video were blown away by how young she looked.

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"GIRL WHAT IS THE SKIN CARE ROUTINE U literally could pass for 27," one person wrote.

"I hope I’ll look like this at 50," added a second.

"Honestly you look 30 no joke! But it’s not even about looking younger, you just look fantastic anyway. Like omg stunning!"

"How are u five years older than my mom but look so young?"

"Damn I hope I can look like this… killing it!!!!" a final person complimented.

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