People never believe what’s inside our tiny van, we spent months doing it up & it’s even got a home CINEMA

People never believe what’s inside our tiny van, we spent months doing it up & it’s even got a home CINEMA

January 29, 2022

WE’VE seen many TikTok videos recently of people converting their homes or even caravans.

But one couple, Lewis and Liv, have just transformed an old van and you won’t believe how insane it is.

Liv, an event producer, and Lewis, a financial consultant, have posted a variety of videos showing their van transformation and have shared their van story from day one of purchasing the van to it being finished seven months later.

The couple bought the van for £11,000, with money they had saved up to go travelling with – but thanks to Coronavirus, their travels were cut short.

They have spent £10,227 doing up the van and are now living in the van and using it to travel the world.

They have shared their tips, costs and lessons to their TikTok account ‘2bags1van’ and have a whopping 96k followers and 545.5k likes on TikTok.

In the couple’s first video, they revealed the type of van they purchased, how much they paid for it and what they intend to do.

Liv said: “After months of searching, we finally found our dream van to convert into a home on wheels.

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“We travelled from Kent to Manchester to purchase our van.

“That’s a 10-hour round trip.

“We ended up going for a 2014 model of a Mercedes Sprinter with a long-wheel base and an extra high roof.

“She’s done 69,000 miles and we paid exactly £11,000 for her.

“It’s slightly more than we intended to spend on our van, however with such low mileage and the fact she was a Mercedes Sprinter, we thought we had ourselves a bargain.

“In these videos we plan to show you the complete process from start to finish of converting our van.

“We will be upfront and honest about the costs and will give a complete breakdown of everything we use.

“We have absolutely zero experience in this so wish us luck.”

In another video explaining the couple’s journey, Liv explained: “In November 2019 we left our lives and home in London to set off on an adventure around the world.

“We had big plans for this trip and we made an account called @2bags1trip to document our journey which we thought was going to last two years.

“We managed to travel to India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines, until the world closed down and Coronavirus hit.

“At this point we had been travelling for five months but as I mentioned we had two years planned.

“Unfortunately this meant we had to come home for what we thought was going to be a stop gap but here we are a year later, still here.

“During this time we started two vintage stores, we still carry on our account @2bags1trip and we also sell all our travel prints on @2bags1print.

“And now we’ve added another string to our bow, @2bags1van, so alongside working full-time jobs we are also doing up our van and we plan to leave at the end of May.”

So, how did the couple transform the van?

Liv explained: “Bought some supplies and hoped for the best.

“Started stripping and treating the van.

“Cut out lots of holes for vans, windows and a sunroof.

“Installed solar panelling, sound deadening, insulation and water tanks.

“Installed walls and a ceiling.”

The couple also “installed a pop-up floor at the back so they can access the tubes and piping.

“We've also installed an external plug so we can plug into electric mains.”

“Omg guys our van has been transformed with our flooring.

“We paid about £90 for our flooring and then paid £60 for our fitter.

“And just when you thought you couldn’t get any better we put a gold trim around it to make it look boujee.”

The gold trim cost just £2.50 from B&Q and is seriously glam.

When asked how the couple can afford to do up the van, Liv said: “Before we went travelling in 2020 we were living in London and saved every penny we could to put it towards our trip.

“As we were living in London it was hard to save but we managed to save about £7,000 each before we went.

“Since coming back to the UK we decided to live at home so we could save as much money as possible for the next adventure.

“This is 100% the only way we can afford to do what we are doing now.

“Between us we have saved about £20-25k to be able to buy the van and do it up and we are also saving additional money so we can afford to travel once the van is finished.

“In-between working full-time jobs we are doing this all ourselves.”

So why did the couple decide to buy a van instead of settling in a house?

Liv said: “The answer is simple…to travel the world.

“After seven long months, we finally completed our dream van.

“And yesterday, after seven long months, we crossed the water and made it to France.”

So it’s now time for the final reveal of the insane van.


Liv shared a video showing us around the van and we are seriously obsessed with how fabulous it is.

She said: “Today is finally the day we get to show you our tiny home on wheels.

“As you walk in we’ve got an L-shape kitchen which gives us loads of worktop space for cooking.

“A huge double bed at the back which is super comfy.

“We told you this was going to be a boujee van, so here we have our gold tap and sink which we adore.

“We really wanted this to feel like a home away from home so we paid close attention to the finer details and soft furnishings like this headboard and our bedside lights.

“We’ve got a huge awning that comes out the front and some portable chairs and table.

“We’ve got a gorgeous kettle, a hob and an oven – plus one of our favourite things which is our 12-volt fridge.

“This area transforms at night time into a home cinema and if you’re wondering where we eat we’ve got a small table that pulls out so we can eat inside.

“Another feature in our van is our tiles with gold trim – incase you haven’t noticed by now, gold features a lot.

“Then on the right side of the van we have our long sofa which doubles up as storage space.

“Before we leave you, we’ve got one final thing to show you.

“At the back of our van we have another table so when it’s nicer we can eat outside and take in all those wonderful views.”

Many people were seriously impressed with Liv and Lewis’ van reveal and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “That is unreal, wow.”

Another added: “It’s better than my house, I’d love to have that.”

A third commented: “Wow I think this is my favourite van conversion I’ve seen on here.”

Meanwhile, I turned a rusty old caravan at the bottom of the garden into a woodland haven, it’s like going on holiday.

Also, I’ve saved hundreds after I transformed a tatty old IKEA cabinet into a swanky new one for just £15.

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