People never believe I'm 92 and look this good in a bikini – but I never diet and eat whatever I want | The Sun

People never believe I'm 92 and look this good in a bikini – but I never diet and eat whatever I want | The Sun

January 29, 2023

A GRANDMA has gone viral after revealing how old she really is, leaving people stunned.

Joan Woodhouse (@joansumner1930) has become somewhat of an internet sensation thanks to her youthful looks and immaculate skin – but the grandma has already entered her tenth decade and is 92.

Joan, who is mum to eight, the oldest of whom is already 72, regularly takes it to TikTok to show her stunning figure, posing in bikinis and summery outfits.

And whilst many might assume this is a result of dieting and a vigorous exercise regime, the grandma, who was born in the 1930s, has revealed it's not the case.

''I don't drink – only socially,'' Joan explained in a video, adding that this is usually just a beer.

''I don't like drinking anymore. I drank when I was young.''


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Smoking is also no longer a part of the 92-year-old's daily life – the grandma quit the unhealthy habit around the age of 60.

''All the talk about it [lung cancer] frightened me, so I just quit smoking.''

Contrary to what people might think, Joan's diet does not consist only of heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables – the grandma is particularly fond of English food.

''I like pies, I like chips, I like stews – I like English food.

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''I like roast potatoes […], I like stuff like that.

''I have carrots, cabbage nearly every day and sprouts – I love vegetables.''

Sharing her secrets, Joan explained that it's all to do with a stress-free life and not worrying too much.

''I never took life too seriously, I've been very, very lucky.

''I have eight children – they're all fit and well.

''I've got 18 grandchildren all fit and well. I've got ten great-grandchildren all fit and well.

''I think the best of everything, not the worst like some people.''

With her incredibly youthful looks, the 92-year-old has gone viral on social media, leaving internet users stunned.

''I just can’t understand this. I have never seen someone this age with such a strong voice/sharp mind and so healthy!!!'' one person was shocked.

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A second fan penned: ''Scientists need to investigate her genes they must be amazing. I think she’s lovely.''

''Do you look so good because you've avoided men? I swear they have aged me,'' a third chuckled.

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