People are using slow cooker liners in their crock pots and it means no washing up

People are using slow cooker liners in their crock pots and it means no washing up

May 20, 2020

MOST people would agree that eating food you’ve made is great – but doing the cleaning up after cooking is the least exciting part. 

Savvy slow cooker owners have been revealing how they get round the issue by using special liners in their pots, and it saves a lot of time and effort. 

One woman shared a photo on Facebook of a tasty macaroni cheese she made in the slow cooker, and people were highly interested in her time-saving liner. 

She wrote on the Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips group: “That’s a slow cooker liner, it’s so that when I come to clean it, it isn’t so messy.”

And for those watching the pennies, she later revealed she gets her lines for just £1 on Amazon. 

Another woman shared an image of a delicious-looking chicken stew she made, and said using liners not only saves time but is useful as her partner is disabled and her wrists won’t allow her to pick up the heavy pot for cleaning. 

One person commented under the photo saying: “I use liners all the time, it makes clean up so much easier don't worry what any one thinks. Your recipe looks great.”

Another added: “And as far as liners go. Im tired of scrubbing my pot only to have it still look dirty after im through. I use a liner now every time ot makes Clean up so easy. Hurray for liners!!”

However, not everyone was sold, with one person pointing out the environmental impact of constantly using liners. 

But one liner-user defended them saying: “I do agree that plastic use is not good but do admit that sometimes the convenience (at that time) and lack of time and a needed alternative means that I do use them on the odd.”

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