People are using dishwasher tablets to get baked-on grime off their saucepans in minutes & the results are staggering

People are using dishwasher tablets to get baked-on grime off their saucepans in minutes & the results are staggering

September 15, 2020

A MUM managed to get her burnt saucepan sparkling again in half an hour – after soaking it with a dishwasher tablet. 

She ended up burning the bottom of the pan after a cooking mishap, leaving it covered in black marks. 

She took to Facebook to ask for suggestions over how to clean it, sharing snaps of her discoloured cookware. 

Writing on the Clean, Declutter, Organise Your Home UK group, she said: Can anyone suggest best/ easiest way to clean a burnt . .  . saucepan!!!!”

Dozens of people came forward with their tips, which included everything from salt to rhubarb. 

One person suggested: “Use a dishwasher tablet and soak it.”

Another wrote: "Dishwasher tablet! Half fill saucepan with water, bring to a boil and then let simmer for 10 minutes. I've done this a couple of times and it has completely cleaned my pans."

While a third commented: "Put a dishwasher tablet in warm water for an hour…problem solved."

The mum later uploaded a snap of her pan – which looked as good as new.

She claimed a dishwasher tablet and some boiling water managed to restore it to its former glory.

She added: “Thank you to everyone for your suggestions.

“I went with the dishwasher tablet/capsule in boiling water. Result after half an hour in pictures.” 

Other mums have also been raving about the cleaning power of dishwasher tablets, with one woman managing to salvage a pan which had burnt rice stuck to the bottom.

Taking to cleaning Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, she said: "Hi mums, I burnt the rice and the bottom of our pot is stained and scrubbing doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?"

One mum suggested: "Put a dishwashing tablet in the bottom and cover with boiling hot water.

"Leave over night and it requires zero scrubbing."

Others agreed, with some claiming it works in just a few hours.

After trying out the trick for herself, the mum reported back on her burnt rice dilemma.

"Dishwashing tablet with hot water did the trick," she wrote.

"No scrubbing needed! Thanks mums!"

While another mum, posting in the same group, revealed she'd burnt some oil in her saucepan.

She wrote: “Burnt oil while cooking, wasn't able to scrub off with jiff or gumption. Dropped a dishwashing tablet overnight with about two centimetres of water.

“This morning I just emptied and literally wiped away with absolutely no force and it's as good as new.”

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