Parents slammed for their newborn's unusual name which sounds like a 'sounds like a cough drop' | The Sun

Parents slammed for their newborn's unusual name which sounds like a 'sounds like a cough drop' | The Sun

January 1, 2023

CHOOSING the perfect name for your newborn can be hard.

Especially if you want them to stand out from the crowd without giving them a name so unique that will result in them being bullied down the line.

One couple were slammed online for the unique name they gave their tot as people say it sounds like something else entirley.

The name was shared on Reddit after one user spotted it "in the wild."

The wrote: "They literally named their child 'Remedy Honey' like the child is some variety of cough drop or Robitussin."

"I’m sorry that’s just not a name," they added.


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The baby girl's name struck a cord with viewers agreed it sounded more like a cough sweet than a child's name.

Other users thought that the name was "unforgivable" and even compared it to a pet name.

One slammed: "Wow. Poor kid. Remy would have been enough.

"Honey is my cats name. Never for a child. This whole name is just unforgivable."

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Meanwhile, other users thought the main issue was the combination of the two names.

"I mean Remy is cute so why not just that? I am sure they call her Remy for short.

"Remy Honora honestly could have been so much better. And then they can call her Remy Honey."

That poor kid is obviously going to be bullied for that name," someone else commented.

They added: "What were they actually thinking?"

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