Parents get utterly rinsed for giving their daughter a gambling-themed name as people say it should be banned | The Sun

Parents get utterly rinsed for giving their daughter a gambling-themed name as people say it should be banned | The Sun

March 13, 2023

MOST parents spend ages thinking up the perfect name for their newborn, wanting to ensure it's the perfect combination of sentimental and unique.

But when one couple revealed the name of their daughter not everyone was sure it was the best choice.

Sharing a snap of the little one the proud dad announced her name, Roulette Serenity.

However the post was was quickly shared in a Facebook group where it was utterly rinsed.

"An acquaintance of mine shared this post about his new daughter. The baby looks less than amused under that emoji," the post reads, alongside the screenshot of baby Roulette.

Members of the Facebook group couldn't believe the parents were even allowed to use the name.


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"Surely that will be disallowed when registering the name," one person commented.

And a second agreed: "There's no way that's allowed as a real name….. Is it???"

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And someone else joked: "When you let it roll on the wheel of bad names, so you just say “f**k it” and name your kid after the whole process instead."

Meanwhile, others theorised why the parents would give their daughter such a bizarre name, with some even suggesting potential sibling names for her.

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Some of the tongue and cheek gambling-themed names included: Slotte Macheighne, BlackJack and Baccarat

Not everyone saw the funny side of the baby's name though as a few thought it was totally irresponsible.

"They must really love gambling or enjoy Nevada a lot, cause yikes. That kiddos gonna have a rough life ahead," one wrote in disbelief.

"You have GOT to be kidding," another quipped.

And a third jabbed: "What a horrible combination of names."

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