Oprah Just Called This Extremely Rare Handbag Her ‘Favorite’ — and Now It’s on Amazon for the First Time Ever

Oprah Just Called This Extremely Rare Handbag Her ‘Favorite’ — and Now It’s on Amazon for the First Time Ever

November 6, 2020

telfar bag

We can’t overstate how big of a deal this is: Oprah has just released her annual list of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” — a definitive roundup of the mogul’s absolute top recommendations that catapults each and every pick into fame and into households across America — and this year’s selects include one thing we never in a million years saw coming.

Telfar’s Shopping Bag has been dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” by shoppers who liken its explosive popularity and extreme scarcity to that of the impossible-to-buy Hermes Birkin (often called the rarest bag in the world). It’s also been crowned one of the hottest bags of the summer, and now, Oprah’s called it one of her favorite bags of the year, too.

The bag has been famously worn by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has spoken highly of the Brooklyn-based designer via Instagram, as well as by Solange. Earlier this year, designer Telfar Clemens won the lauded CFDA award of American Accessories Designer of the Year for his vegan leather bags.

The best-known fact about Telfar bags, however, is that they notoriously sell out within seconds of being restocked to the brand’s site. Telfar’s social media pages are often alight with superfans distraught that, despite the brand’s earnest and frequent efforts to satisfy zealous consumers, stock is immediately purchased and unfortunately sometimes listed on resale sites for enormous markups.

TELFAR, Medium Shopping Bag

Shop now: $202; amazon.com

This morning’s Oprah endorsement isn’t the only major news for the brand, though. For the first time ever, Telfar bags have launched on Amazon and, at the time of writing, they are still in stock in four stunning colors.

The move to launch on Amazon is in keeping with Telfar’s ethos of democratic fashion — its slogan is even “Not for you, for everyone.” Unlike other luxury brands that maintain the illusion of scarcity and high price points by controlling and sometimes destroying stock, the demand for Telfar bags is entirely organic. To underscore its commitment to making its products accessible, Telfar recently hosted a “Bag Security” event in which shoppers could pre-order any Telfar bag with no limit on orders for delivery in a few months.

Amazon’s stock appears to be limited, however, so if you missed Telfar’s one-time pre-order event, this might be your only chance to shop this truly iconic bag while it’s still in stock.

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