My older neighbor was offended I left her a note and a gift – now she's trying to control my renovations | The Sun

My older neighbor was offended I left her a note and a gift – now she's trying to control my renovations | The Sun

August 14, 2023

A WOMAN has found herself in a bitter feud with her neighbor after they blasted her for not discussing plans to renovate her home.

After two years of her elderly neighbor dictating how everyone in the apartment building should live, the woman decided to give just one day's notice for her renovation plans to avoid confrontation.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she was called “incredibly rude” for delivering a handwritten note and a gift rather than knocking on her neighbor’s door ahead of work starting.

“I have also had issues with the neighbor in question previously for thinking she owns the block of flats and I didn't want her to try and influence my plans such as changing the day of renovations to convenience her.

"So by not giving more notice I get rid of an awkward situation,” she writes.

“I don’t have a legal obligation to give more notice, maybe morally I did.

"Not that I have ever received any from my other neighbors. This neighbor is retired and a busy body.

“I don't want to knock on her door as she will talk for three hours about herself and complain about me as a neighbor and what I could be doing better.

"I told her this doesn't work for me. She then told me I needed to send an email.

"I don't have everyone's email and I am happy with my handwritten note.”

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The woman added that previous interactions with her neighbor left her feeling anxious and she once had to block her phone number to avoid a constant stream of complaints.

“I don't feel I can do anything right with her and she makes me feel that everyone is talking behind my back about me,” she said. 

"In total over the last two years I have had builders in for a total of 10 days – so am I the cheeky neighbour or is she?"

Commenters were quick to show their support for the woman and reassured her that her neighbor is in the wrong.

With one mom writing: “She sounds like my sister and I know from bitter experience that these types of people will tie you in knots if you try to have a sensible conversation.

"You don't owe her any explanation about your finances and I think the best thing you can do is not engage with her.”

“You sound like a very thoughtful and polite neighbor. After 30+ years of living in flats myself, I got sick of being bullied by neighbors like yours. 

“I would simply either stop acknowledging her at all, or tell her in no uncertain terms to f**k off and mind her own business,” another said.

Claiming to have had a similar experience, a third commented: “I have a neighbor like this.

"Drove me crazy, I’d check for them before I left the house and not leave till they’d gone. I was so stupid. 

“She nit picks at everything but if she or her husband want to break any of her imaginary rules then that’s just fine.

“I’ve dealt with her by just agreeing with EVERYTHING she says.”

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A fourth wrote: “I have one of these. Twenty years of it.

"At first I pandered to her, that made her worse, now I avoid, avoid, avoid. If I do bump into her – I am in a rush I really have to dash.”

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