My nightmare neighbours wrote me a full A4 passive aggressive letter to complain about my ‘unsettling’ dog – I'm fuming | The Sun

My nightmare neighbours wrote me a full A4 passive aggressive letter to complain about my ‘unsettling’ dog – I'm fuming | The Sun

March 8, 2023

A SINGLE mum has been left seething after her neighbours wrote a full page letter about her “unsettling” Cockapoo.

She received an A4 letter telling her to walk her dog at 6am because his early morning barking was irritating neighbours.

The passive aggressive letter accused the woman of ruining nurse’s and police officer’s sleeping patterns.

The lengthy note described four-legged Jasper's barking as "unsettling" and accused the mum of leaving him outside for long periods of time.

It read: "We understand that dogs will bark, but some neighbours feel it is a little unfair and a little inconsiderate that the dogs are allowed outside to do so from 6am.”

The residents added that the barking echoes through the street and is reportedly distressing elderly residents in two nearby care homes.  

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The single mum bashed the requests as “impossible”.

She posted a photo of the letter on Facebook with a retaliation statement.

She penned: "You've suggested that since I am up at 6am when neighbours are trying to sleep, I walk him at that time. 

“I would love to since this is my favourite time for my own walk.

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"As a single mother, I am up at 5.15am preparing school lunches, breakfasts, organising school bags and getting two children ready for sports training and/or school.

"I am getting three people through showers and out of the door often between 7am and 7.30am.

"It simply isn't possible."

The mum added that Jasper is walked “at least once a day” and the “well-socialised” pooch only barks because he gets triggered at people near the property.

She offered for any of the neighbours – who claim to have knocked on her door previously – to come round and discuss the matter.

The dispute is ongoing in Sydney, Australia.

Disgruntled residents said that they have contacted the RSPCA over the matter.

The animal rights organisation advised them to contact the local council.

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However, they didn’t “wish to do this” so settled on posting a letter through the mum’s door. 

The single mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the letter has caused her a “great deal of distress”.

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