My nightmare neighbour insists part of my garden is hers – she’s even started weeding it and sitting there

My nightmare neighbour insists part of my garden is hers – she’s even started weeding it and sitting there

April 22, 2022

A WOMAN revealed her neighbour has claimed a part of the family's garden belongs to her.

A desperate mum has taken it to the popular parenting forum, Mumsnet, to talk about a neighbour who's insisted that some of the garden is her property, after being caught weeding the driveway.

The anonymous parent behind the username Toomuchtooyoung01 explained that they moved house three months ago and initially the people living next door seemed ''fine''.

However, things became slightly weird about a month ago when, according to the author of the post, the lady asked to pop into the front garden to allegedly access something.

''I had my 2yr old kicking off as standard and was quite distracted so (also wanting to be an amenable neighbour) said yes fine and set off on my way [sic],'' the mum explained.

But then a week or so later, the woman recalled, she had come home one day to find the neighbour lady sitting on her driveway weeding.

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Before she even had the chance to ask what was going on, her four-year-old child ''innocently'' asked why the woman was in their garden – to which she allegedly replied: ''well this bit is actually my garden.''

''I asked what she meant and she began waffling about how the boundary goes beyond the fence they erected and this strip of land is actually hers, she just hasn’t been able to access the garden to weed it for some time.''

Confused – and rightly so – the woman then went indoors and had a conversation with her other half, who was not happy by what he had just heard.

''Since viewing the property, a single bit of fencing has been erected attached to our garage, and a wire fence has been added by next door which is in line with this. 

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''Where she was weeding and where she claims is her land is on the other side of this (in our garden),'' the woman wrote.

To make matters even more complicated, the neighbours then came walked into their garden where they out down weed matting along the strip.

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However, despite the unpleasant situation, the other half is raging at his partner for allowing the neighbours come into their green space in the first place.

In his eyes, the mum should have been more firm and should've set the lady straight when she was caught weeding.

Now, in an attempt to deal with the situation, he has said she will have to ''tell them clearly'' to remove the matting they've put out and explain they ''recognise the boundary as being where the title deeds depict''.

He believes that if they prove the fence has been out in line with that prior to them moving in the property, they will not be able to change the narrative to ''actually that strip of land on the other side of the fence is ours and always has been”.

But as easy a sit might appear to him, his other half hates confrontation and feels like she's ''doing something terribly wrong'' even when she's in the right.

Trying to offer the woman a helping hand, a few readers even took it to comments with a written script she could use when addressing the issue with the neighbour.

''Hi Jane, not sure if there's been a misunderstanding but we've checked our deeds and this bit of land is actually ours.

''You may want to check your own deeds but we'll be needing our space back so if you want to remove your XYZ that would be good,'' read one suggestion.

''Imo (In My Opinion) you take it all down yourself and leave it on her doorstep. Print off the deeds and post her a copy. Tonight,'' demanded a second.

But whilst some tried to help, there were also a few who couldn't understand why the couple couldn't speak to the neighbours together.

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