My neighbour’s dog kept ruining my garden so I used some ‘spite trees’ to get the very best revenge | The Sun

My neighbour’s dog kept ruining my garden so I used some ‘spite trees’ to get the very best revenge | The Sun

October 7, 2022

IN AN ideal world everyone would get on with their neighbours, but that's easier said than done when they're such a nightmare.

One homeowner had enough of her neighbour's complainso decided to get the best revenge.

The woman explained on Reddit that their neighbour's dog always runs on their lawn, but they never made a big deal out of it since it was a big space and they didn't want to make a fuss.

After having her crops ruined by Japanese beetles the keen gardener did some research and "decided to spread milky spore on the lawn as a preventative."

The Reddit user knew the spore wasn't harmful for animals or the environment, so she decided to spread it to help get rid of the beetles.

"We decided to spread it while our neighbours were out of town so their dog wouldn't run around on it.

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"The next day our neighbour comes marching into our yard yelling about how we tried to kill their dog, and how we are inconsiderate idiots with no regard for our neighbours and are terrible people," she revealed.

It turns out the Reddit user's neighbours came home early and let their dog run on the lawn.

"He claims he watched his dog eat a clump of grass that had milky spore on it, and the dog got sick," she said.

The neighbour fumed about the spores and even sent a letter to express his anger.

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The homeowner explained: "The next day we get a letter in the mail, typed in all caps, demanding that we give him 48 hours written notice before applying anything to OUR lawn, and that we must have his permission prior to doing so."

But the feud didn't end there, the neighbour continued to let their dog run on the user's lawn, and even directed the pup to pee on the newly planted trees.

Soon enough, the trees were "half dead" and the neighbour said he'd replace them with a "better variety."

The user said: "I told him no, and instead I dug the trees out and replanted them a few feet off the property line on our side, in a spot where they are not visible to us but where he has to see them directly out his living room and kitchen windows…with the dead sides facing his property.

"The sides facing our property are now lush and healthy, and the sides facing his property – the sides he encouraged his dog to pee on – are still dead and brown.

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"It tickles me absolutely pink every time I walk past the trees, and I have named them my "spite trees".

"I have no regrets and I am not sorry."

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