My neighbour screamed at me about my bins then stopped my rubbish getting picked up so I got the best petty revenge | The Sun

My neighbour screamed at me about my bins then stopped my rubbish getting picked up so I got the best petty revenge | The Sun

May 11, 2023

A WOMAN has shared the ‘genius’ way she got revenge on her neighbours who deliberately stopped her rubbish from being collected. 

The renter confessed she found a sneaky way to get back at her neighbours who tried to belittle her about rubbish collection times.

Taking to Reddit the woman revealed in her neighbourhood rubbish is collected by 7 am. 

She said: “Our trash company does like us to have the trash out by 7 am, we don’t always get it out that early though. Most of the time they don’t pick up our trash until 11 am.”

The woman explained she has the same bin company as her next door neighbours. 

She said: “In our neighbourhood we can choose the trash company,it just so happens that we have the same trash company as the next-door neighbours.”

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Unfortunately one morning the woman confessed her entire household contracted Covid and forgot to put out their rubbish before by 7 am. 

She said: “ A couple weeks ago, I didn’t get our trash out until almost 9 am. All four of us was sick with Covid. I was on the mend and feeling a little bit better but I slept in and forgot to put out the trash at 7 am.”

But when she went to take out the rubbish her neighbours started yelling at her. 

She said: “So I go to put the trash out and my neighbour starts yelling at me saying you were supposed to have your trash out by 7 am you can’t put your trash out now.”

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Confirming the rubbish hadn't been collected the woman decided to put her rubbish out anyway and was stunned to learn her neighbour had moved her rubbish bin purposefully so it wouldn’t get collected. 

She said: “I went back to bed and a couple hours later I get up to see that our trash can was put to the side of the house and they were still full of trash. So that means that someone moved our trashcan. Our other neighbour came up to me the next day and said that she saw him put our trash can back.”

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The woman then decided to get ‘petty’ revenge on her neighbours she called the rubbish company and pretended to be her neighbours. 

She said: “They literally have a flag in their front window with their last name so I called the trash company and I said that I was Mrs So and so and I needed to set up a vacation hold for our upcoming pick up. They said no problem we won’t pick up your trash next week. They legit only asked for the address, no other information…”

“The next week I made sure that our trash was out at 6:45 am then I sat and I watched for the trash truck and I watched them come past the house. They drove past my neighbours house didn’t pick up their trash, even though their trash was overflowing, picked up ours and the other few people who also have them and left.”

“I know I’m an asshole for doing this, you don’t need to tell me, I may have crossed the line. But he also crossed the line by touching our cans and moving them and setting foot on our property.”

The woman's reddit post gained over 19,000 upvotes and 700 comments. 

One Reddit user responded: “Genius!! I know others are saying they would have dumped their trash on the neighbour's yard but honestly an all-out war isn't smart. But this, hard-to-trace, evil plotting was truly inspired. *Raises glass*”

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Another asked: “Are you kidding me? I would have dumped my full bins all over their yard as soon as I realised they'd moved the trash before pickup.”

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