My neighbour got so angry about guests in our garden that she sprayed them with a HOSE – now I’m thinking about moving | The Sun

My neighbour got so angry about guests in our garden that she sprayed them with a HOSE – now I’m thinking about moving | The Sun

July 16, 2022

A WOMAN has been left "scarred" after her neighbour sprayed her guests with a HOSE because she was so angry about their evening get together.

The woman took to Mumsnet's Am I Unreasonable? forum to complain about the situation, admitting she'd been so affected by it that she is now considering moving house.

"We bought our house a year back and have never spoken or seen our neighbours on one side," she began.

"Today we had some guests over and we were chatting on our patio furniture from about 7-9pm as it was too hot indoors.

"We have a detached house but neighbour was in her garden too and suddenly around 9pm started yelling about us being so loud and always shouting, never talking and being very annoying."

She continued to explain that she "immediately apologised" to the woman, and said they would move inside in a few minutes.

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"She went on shouting and sprayed water with hose on our guests and my elderly parents," she added.

"We were shocked and embarrassed in front of our guests.

"We never have guests outdoors except few summer weekends and are usually quiet during the day, may have a noisy few hours daily before the 5year old's bedtime.

"We don’t drink or party in the garden/barbecue or play loud music ever."

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She concluded by admitting she's now considering taking further action against her neighbour, and is even thinking about moving.

"I’m so scarred by this crazy rude behaviour that I feel like moving far away from the lady," she wrote.

"Am I being unreasonable in thinking I need to complain about her to local services?"

People in the comments section were largely on the woman's side, with one writing: "No wonder you are shocked. Spraying water on people is not only not acceptable – it's an actual attack in the nature of a criminal act and you would be well within your rights to report it to the police and demand that they treat it as such."

"Hold on? She sprayed water over the fence at you and your guests? That's an assault!!" another added.

"What madness is this?"

"Yelling, shouting and turning a hose on your guests and elderly parents is errrrm pretty rude, yes," a third wrote.

"She's not reasonable," someone else weighed in.

"If it had been 3am and you were partying hard, I'd have some sympathy although she would still be wrong.

"Chatting at 9pm? Not a chance."

But others said that it could be that they were talking a bit too loudly.

"Generally she was very unreasonable but are you a group who talk loud?" they wrote.

"We have really nice next door but one neighbours but they talk SO loud when they are outside.

"Yesterday I heard them making their shopping list, Mum was moaning at her (son) about him never doing his homework and at the weekend they were outside all evening talking loud.

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"I have no issue with neighbour noise in general if it's reasonable, we live in a built up area and it is inevitable but some people just don't know how to regulate the volume of normal conversation when they are outside," one wrote.

As another suggested: "I’d perhaps try to chat to her to see what the issues are before getting local services involved."

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